Best Node.js Hosting

It has been about a decade since the launch of Node.js. Since then, it has remained on top. Almost everyone relies on this host. It serves from individuals to big businesses like Microsoft, PayPal, Netflix, etc.

In recent years, JS has experienced massive growth. This is because it allows developers to scale and build fast applications. 

Node.js is available for free or cheap if you’re after more features. The paid Hosting is strictly run on a shared server. 

The popularity of Developers has also affected the growth of Js.

What Is Node.js Used For? 

If you’re a developer, you know that Js is a run-time on Chrome’s V8. It uses event-driven, non-blocking models for efficiency as it maintains its weight. 

But you could wonder, what is node JS used for exactly? Is there anywhere that Node Js solved a problem?

Node JS has always been a great help with developing applications. These applications can operate JavaScript on the clients and the server too.

According to the research by Node JS foundation, web applications make the top use. It has a share of 85%.

Below are other ways that Node is used:

i. Streaming

Node.Js faces some difficulties, being the biggest media-service provider worldwide. Especially with streaming movies/games and other content for over 150 million people.

And that is why Netflix had to move most of its application programming interface to JS.

Node JS has been a great deal for Netflix. Thanks to JS, Netflix can now boast a similar language for its server and browser.

ii. Command Line Application

With the development of JavaScript, Command line applications get less attention. But most large companies use customised command line kits.

Media library, like the commander, has helped in developing fast and cost-effective applications.

If you’re a developer with limited knowledge of ancient back-end languages, you can make use of JS. It offers automated solutions.

iii. Browser Games

If you combine Socket.IO and HTML5, you can develop some awesome games. The best thing is, you don’t have to install any plugins to create them.

Node JS offers developers many tools to take care of the complexity of games. For example. EventEmmiter which handles and raises custom events.

It helps the developer in sharing codes between the server and the client.

iv. Embedded Systems

It’s not common to use JS in programming micro-controllers and other prototype devices. But hardware programming is coming up as the primary use of Node JavaScript.

For cheaper services, there is an extension of Node JS that has fewer requirements. It’s called low.js. With this, Node JS can operate in micro-controller boards with enough power.

And, with robotics developments, Node JS libraries have made the creation more accessible.

How Did We Pick The Best Node.js Hosting? 

Some web hosts don’t support node.js because it’s still new.

 But to some, it’s still prevalent. Hence, several hosting providers are optimised for Node.js applications.

Do An Extensive Research

Before anything else, carry out detailed research. Compare the options available to you before deciding.

Lookout For Unique Features

You’ll want to consider more when choosing a hosting provider. Things like performance, accessibility reliability, support, and service should be at your fingertips.

Although, this alone should not give you the go-ahead.

Below are more things to always remember:

  • The programming language that the host back.
  • What other alternatives are available for you
  • Does your preferred host have the right brand name and dependable uptime figures
  • Are you comfortable with the fact that Node.js support is only offered on VPS or dedicated server plans? Which may not be a good idea if you want to do hosting on a budget.
  • Does your experience level match that of Node.js developer language

After that, there are some specs to consider when trying to find the best Node.js hosting plan.

Below are the essential specs.

  • The support version of Node.js system
  • Accessibility of developer-oriented feature/APIs and committing to Node.js
  • Customer care and technical support service.
  • The prices and the effectiveness of Node.js
  • Brand name and web host reliability

Why Do I Need Node.js Hosting?

Below are the reasons you need to use Node.js

  • Immense talent pool
  • Speed
  • Node.js package manager
  • Simple language
  • Several support connections
  • Accessibility to components that shareable
  • High-end applications
  • Immense Talent Pool

Having a great talent pool can boost your productivity.

That you can get as many talented developers, outsourcing the job can be easy. If you want to code yourself, some developers can answer your questions.

ii. Speed

With transferring information, Node.js is quick.

This is because of its foundation, which is Google’s V8 engine.

Node.js can be dependable and be sure of speed increase by time.

Node.js Package Manager

If you’re aspiring to be a top coder, make it a priority to learn how to use codes that already exist.

The NPM is one of the most prominent open-source media centers worldwide.

It can make installations worthwhile.

iii. Simple Language 

Most of the time, you may need to use different languages like C, PHP, and Assembly for complex projects. But, with Node.js, you need not go through that hassle.

If you’re using JavaScript, ensure to write the entire application. From the database to the server to the client. All this can happen in one programming language. That is a big help.

iv. Several Support connections

If you will be coding games and chat applications, then you need to try JavaScript language.

This is because of the support and its event loop for several connections.

v. Accessibility to Shareable Components 

Sometimes, collaborations may lead to project development issues. It also slows down the whole process. Luckily, Node.js has features that focus on managing server-side and client-side coding.

Node.js does through making use of a similar programming language. Also, it makes shareable components and synchronised, thus making coding more accessible.

vi. High-End Web Applications

Node.js produces the fastest applications in the world of web hosting and other languages.

Node.js performs this by using one thread that handles several connections at the same time.

Transferring data is lightning fast because it uses JavaScript.

What Should I Look For When Buying Node.js Hosting? 

Unlike before, you need to consider more factors when paying for a hosting service.

You have to come up with a detailed analysis of various JavaScript providers. 

Always remember that various providers offer different perks.

But there are common yet useful factors that you have to consider before you commit to a hosting service.

i. Website Backup Availability

With cyber-crimes, threats such as ransomware focus not only on finance sites.

There is evidence that these days, extortionists are targeting any website.

External attacks of your website may cause damage. Often, this damage may not be undone. For example, if they replace or destroy your website’s index File.

At the same time, you might experience hard disk failure or severe serve.

Thus, it’s essential if you find Node.js hosting provider that offers regular back up.

ii. Customer Service

How competent is Node.js in attending to customers during technical failures?

You should always go for the best Hosting that offers 24/7 live support for their customers.

Also, consider going with the Hosting that offers a live chat and social media presence. Most of the Hosting has a ticket and email support, so don’t focus on that.

It’s worth noting that hosting with in-house customer support is better off. Consider making them a priority. Their knowledge in company operations is better, unlike outsourced support services.

iii. Reliability, Security And Uptime Scores

Hosting with an unstable network and weak server may push your website offline.

It may cost you readership, or sales if you’re operating an e-commerce store. It can also affect your rankings in google or yahoo.

Settling on a host with reputable customer reviews above 4.5 stars could be the only cure for your site.

Additionally, ensure that your info and website can be accessible all the time.

iv. Email and E-Commerce Option

If you attach your email to your site, chances are, you will receive more subscribers.

When selecting a host, go for the one that can your site’s primary email.

Before, most website owners used to focus on hosting with bandwidth and enough disk space. But this is not the case anymore. Affordability creates a bigger picture in every website owner.

But, if you want to scale your website’s following, use a comprehensive approach.

Make sure you identify the right host. Consider the essential factors that play a significant role in growing your website.

v. Account Limitations

Every reputable company has rules and regulations that govern it. Violation of the laws may lead to permanent, temporal discontinuation or extra charges.

For example, most hosting companies decline running scripts for over two seconds.

If you do this, they may charge you extra costs or have your site closed down.

Take the time and read through the conditions, sign up to a site that you can adhere to their rules.

Always remember to avoid companies that don’t have clear conditions.

Does Node.js Hosting Cost More?

Are you looking for a cheaper and best way to host Node.js?

Ever since its release, Node.js has always been getting the attention of many developers.

The fact that it’s written in JavaScript and open-source makes this platform stand out.

With Node.js, you can scale your website. Hence, spending less time developing because of less hardware used to regulate workload.

Node.js has different hosting packages, ranging from free to paid options.

If you go for a free option, you won’t pay a dime to host your website, unless you want to hire a developer.

And, for paid options, you can start with as little as 4 USD. It could be affordable, especially if you’re hosting a financial or e-Commerce website.

Node.js Pros And Cons

If you use Node.js appropriately, you can make popular web apps on your server-side. But, as much as this is possible, this request is not typical for Node.js.

This is because Node.js doesn’t have customised HTML to carry around.

Around this approach, some facts support it, while others are against it.

Below are the arguments to consider.


  1. Node.js has an asynchronous way of handling event focused IO requests.
  2. It uses JavaScript. Thus, easy navigation.
  3. Share a similar code for both clients and the server-side.
  4. The Node Package Manager has become famous, and it’s still growing.
  5. Node.js has a vibrant and active community. Hence, they have several codes that share GitHub.
  6. With Node.js, it’s easy to stream large files.


  1. With Node.js, don’t have high expectations for scaling your website.
  2. The platform gives only one CPU, which will not be enough.
  3. You cannot make use of the various cores available in the modern server hardware.
  4. Node.js makes it hard for you to handle a relational database.
  5. If you are not keen on JavaScript, if you start Node, you may come across serious problems.


Node.js might be your best selection for all your web hosting projects. The performance of this platform outweighs many others. It’s efficient, and scalability is achievable.

Node.js can make your time more manageable and fast development of applications.

Node.js has several positives. But it’s challenging to get a hosting provider who offers full application support. More so if you only have a few bucks to spend.

Regardless, you’ll always find a way out in either cloud-based or traditional providers