Best Green Web Hosting

Internet usage is growing fast day by day. Thus, the hosting server consumes more energy, emitting more pollutants into the environment. Climate change is unavoidable in this scenario.

People who care about the environment always  want an eco-friendly web hosting service. This demand leads to a rising trend of Green Web hosting solutions all over the world.

The companies behind these solutions use natural energy resources and different methods. They are intending to drop  their carbon footprint.

 Let’s find out why people are using Green hosting instead of a standard one. And what benefits and shortcomings come along with this service.

 What is Green Web Hosting?

Green hosting is not much different from regular hosting. Know the fact that the data center of the former solution relies on the green energy source.

In traditional hosting, the data center gets powers from a conventional power generator. It is featured with carbon emitters that burn non-renewable fuels. They produce electricity while emitting carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the environment.

As a result, a traditional host causes harm to the environment.

In case of Green Host, Data centers get energy from renewable fuels. These resources could be a solar panel, wind, or hydropower. Even they have energy-efficient hardware like servers, routers, and switches in data centers.

Besides, green hosting provider follows Standard Environment-friendly policies. They dispose and recycling old equipment.

Many web hosting companies go to the next level on environment saving practices. they use an alternative cooling method for their servers.

Traditional hosts use air conditioners and cooling fans.

The whole concept of Green Web hosting is far better than conventional hosting. As you know, its sparing the environment in the best way.

What is Green Web Hosting Used for?

A green web hosting is like a conventional hosting its features. You can get a hosting package for running a website like you did before with any other host

Looking for a plan for large or small website? You can find a hosting package that matches your requirements and budget.

The only difference you can see is in the energy consumption of both kinds of hosting. Green hosts consume less energy than traditional hosts. But, they offer the same set of features.

How did we pick the best Green Web hosting?

It’s easy to find a ton of green web hosting providers. Some companies are producing their own green energy. While others go for Green Energy Credits. Don’t know how to pick the Best Green Web Hosting provider?

We shortlisted the best green web hosts by checking customer reviews and ratings. We set some criteria for the best Green host. 

Any host is the best one when it:

  • Offers high performance
  • Delivers exponential page loading speed
  • Brings High Up-time
  • Maximizes security
  • Renders 24/7 Expert Customer Service

Why Do I need Green Web Hosting?

When I first heard about Green hosts, then I had the same question in mind. I did a little research on the subject. I would like to share its main points with you.

Going green means making some difference in the environment. Using Green version of hosting might not neutralize your carbon footprint completely. Yet  it will reduce it to some extent.

Energy consumed by traditional hosts is polluting the environment. You have your share in this pollution. When you browse a website, its data center emits carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These elements are harmful not only for you but also for your children.

You can’t stop this pollution at all, but when you start using a green server, then you control it at some level.

For making a positive impact on the environment, you can think of running your website on a green host

This Go-Green change of your digital life brings peace of mind to you. Now you will know that you are taking a step toward saving the Earth from harmful pollutants.

Do you know what the best part is? Green hosting service offers same features as you get with a regular one.

You lose nothing by making this sustainable choice.

What Should I Look for When Buying Green Web Hosting?

Are you going to buy a Green Web hosting plan? Here are some questions. Find the answer that will let you grab the best plan for you.

Is a Company Really Green?

Before you make up your mind about any hosting solution, it’s better to do some due diligence. Many companies make false claims of supporting green energy, beware of them.

You can look at the name of a company in the database of The Green Web Foundation. It collects information about Hosting providers that use Green energy. So, if a company is utilizing green energy sources, you will find its name in the list of providers.

Also, check the Company’s Green Badge and Certificates.

What is the Page Loading Speed?

The next information to get about the hosting company is its page loading speed. Always pick a website that offers the best loading speed.

Why does page speed matters?

A visitor doesn’t like to stay on a website when its images and videos load slowly. No one wants to wait in the age of lightning internet speed.

A website with low page-loading speed doesn’t rank well in major search engines. So, do you want to make a compromise on your visitors and ranking? I know the answer is NO.

Go for a Green Web hosting service that offers fast speed of website loading.  your ultimate goal of making a website is to rank high in a search engine by providing the best user experience.

What Uptime Does a Company offer?

It’s the most important thing. Consider it, when you are making your mind about the best web hosting company.

What does Uptime mean? It is a measure of the amount of time a server is up and running.

Always look for a company that offers 99.9 percent uptime.

You can’t afford downtime even for a minute if the server goes down, so as your site is. Your visitors will be unable to access your website during that time. All this leads to losing your customer and business sales.

Now, if you ask me when a company states 99.9 percent uptime in its package, should I rely on this statement? The answer is NO.

You shouldn’t rely on this statement. Instead, you will read customer reviews. Read what they are saying about Uptime. If they are happy and satisfied, go for the company. Else, consider the next company on your list.

How excellent is their Customer Support?

Last but not least, you need to probe into their customer service. To know how well they respond to the queries and concerns of their existing customers. Again read reviews of customers about customer service.

We all face some sort of technical concerns related to our hosting service. It happens no matter how amazing a hosting is. So, always choose a company that offers friendly and timely customer service.

What are their Features and Apps?

First of all, you should know what features you are looking for. Once you have a clear idea, it’s easy to look into package details. For example, you are running a website on Drupal. Have a plan to get a host that offers quick access to cPanel on this CMS. Check this kind of feature available on your selected host site. Else you will have to kick-start your search again.

Does Green Web Hosting cost more?

No, it doesn’t. When you compare green hosting with any other  option, then you know how affordable it is. 

Are you wondering why the price of green hosting is lower than a standard option? The answer to this question lies in the power source of data centers.

Sometimes, a green hosting company produces its energy through renewable resources. Other times, company hires a green energy supplier. Either way, this energy production saves a lot of money in the long run.

As you know, energy resources like wind and solar power are unlimited and renewable. An energy consumer consumes these resources. And he also recycles them back into the environment. Low energy cost drops down the operational cost of running data centers. Thus, a green web hosting company offers you a price plan that you can afford.

Now, if a traditional hosting solution, its cost of running data centers is high. The reason is its data center requires large amounts of energy. When non-renewable fuels burn, it emits lots of carbon dioxide into the environment.

The company has to spend a lot of money on running and maintaining its servers. Thus, they always charge their customers with expensive price plans.

Green Web Hosting Pros and Cons

Still not sure, whether Green Host is the right choice or not? It’s completely okay. I’m going to show both the positive and negative sides of this hosting service. This 360-degree view will help you make the right decision.

Benefits of Green Hosts:

Here are some benefits that come along with this hosting solution.

Make Positive Impact on the Environment

Take a step toward Green energy sources. And save the exhausting non-renewable energy sources. You can control carbon emission in the environment.

You can save the Earth’s resources. In the same time, you make this world a better place to live for you and the upcoming generation.

Cost-Effective Hosting Solution

When you are running a big business website or small business blog, you always want to cut down your cost in every possible way. Green web hosting helps you in this regard.

Simply, Go easy on the environment and your wallet.

Establish Good Public Image

You can look good in the eyes of the general public. 

  • All you need to do is to switch from your traditional hosting plan to Green one.  
  • Get Green Credential or Certificates
  • Use them to give a boost to your company’s reputation.

Customers like to buy from a company that leaves a positive impact on the environment. and makes some significant contributions to sustainability. They always see a Green company in a GOOD LIGHT.

Offer a Competitive Edge 

Online competition is fierce. Every company is trying to outperform others by getting some attributes or credentials. So, when a company receives a Green badge, then it acquires a competitive edge.

Market your company by highlighting this green badge. It would make you look outstanding. All you need to do is to publicize your green host solution among your potential customers. You will attract thousands of environment-conscious customers toward you without doing much.

So, the Best Green Web Hosting can be a great marketing weapon that lets you beat your online competition in one go.

A Significant Boost in Profit Margin

Do you know customers are ready to pay a little extra for green company products? So, even when you increase your price, they won’t mind buying your product. A large increase in profit is the ultimate benefit of green hosting.

Green Web Host Shortcomings

Here are some limitations associated with this kind of web hosting.

Only a Few Sellers are Out There

Since green hosting is a new concept, not every hosting company and customer has adapted it. During your shopping, you will realize that there are only a few Green companies . The shopping experience won’t be delightful.

Customers of Green hosting will increase with time. Thereby,  you will see a boost in the number of companies as well. 

Limited Features

You won’t be able to enjoy a variety of features with Green web hosts. Take a look at full features details before you finish any deal.

Some companies don’t let you access cPanel. You need it when you have to install your CMS like WordPress or Drupal.

Make sure you check whether your host is compatible with your CMS or not.

Look, Does it offer an email system?

Sometimes, you need efficient support for web services.  For example:

  • Want to work with PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, etc?
  • Double-check this specific feature.
  • And then you can sign up  up for any package.

Bandwidth Restrictions

Some green hosts put a restriction on certain types of services and websites that run on servers.

Are you running  a website with an extensive mail system? Then then you might get some issues choosing the best green host for it.  Because you need  an unlimited bandwidth feature as a part of your plan.

A large number of mail means consumes high bandwidth and renewable energy resources. This situation doesn’t allow a green host to hit its goal of energy efficiency.

Know about your bandwidth usage. Also confirm with customer service whether your potential company allows it or not.


  • Consume Less Energy
  • Affordable
  • Renewable Energy Mechanism
  • E-Waste Practice
  • Eco-Certified


  • Only a Few Companies Offer Green Hosting Service
  • Limited Features
  • Bandwidth restrictions


Going-Green with your hosting plan means saving your planet and money at the same time. A green web hosting brings the best features. You can get high Uptime, excellent page loading speed. Even Green host lets you establish an excellent public image for your brand. This wise financial decision helps you spare exhausting non-renewable energy resources.

Move forward, Go-Green. This is how you can make this world a better place to live for everyone.