Best VPS Hosting

VPS is a level up from shared hosting and provides better privacy. Unlike dedicated hosting, VPS servers offer a combination of shared and private. Also, less expensive than its counterpart server.

VPS hosting gives you a more private and flexible hosting solution. It gives you full control over a virtual computer installed on a shared server. All the while saving you money. 

A wide range of VPS hosting providers are available on the market. The services they offered should fulfil your needs. Before choosing any host, there are specific questions to go through.

What kind of hosting plans do they offer? 

What’s their performance like?

Do they provide excellent help and support?

What is VPS hosting used for?

The most popular use of a VPS host is to run single or multiple websites. However, you can use them for almost anything that needs internet access. Including web applications or creating your virtual private network for better security.


An essential part of VPS hosting is virtualisation. The VPS host divides a single server into various smaller virtual servers. Each server has its RAM and hard drive space.

Customers enjoy an isolated experience with these virtual servers. In terms that the virtual server is not disrupted by other customers. 

VPS for Business

VPS hosting is an excellent choice for growing businesses. It’s worth every extra penny spent. All the while, giving you peace of mind and surety that your website won’t pull down.

Why VPS hosting?

These six reasons are why you should use VPS hosting:

  • It provides greater private disk space
  • It provides higher availability of resources, without interruption.
  • It manages and takes in high traffic demand.
  • Powerful safety features and security measures.
  • Personalisation while maintaining security and performance.
  • Effective Scalability.

How did we pick the VPS hosting 

The plan is in action; you have chosen VPS hosting for your website. It’s time to decide which one is the best. 

Before deciding, look at different features of the VPS hosting provider. These features include: 

Quantity of resources needed 

The first step in choosing the Best VPS Hosting is to decide. 

•    The amount of RAM 

•    CPU 

•    The size of hard disc space. 

Taking your plans into consideration, choose the best. The bigger the project, the more resources you will need. 

Operations management 

VPS Hosting is of two types 

 1. Managed 

 2. Unmanaged 

Managed VPS provider is responsible:

•    To maintain the server. 

•    Update patches 

•    Security upgrade 

•    Data backups. 

Managed VPS hosting gives you less control. Though, if the technology is your forte or you have a team for this task, you can opt for the unmanaged server. 


Reliability is the duration of time your site is online. Whenever your site is offline, you lose site money. When looking for a VPS host, choose the one that offers at least 99.99% uptime. 


Price is considered an essential factor in choosing the best VPS Hosting server. The best host is not always expensive.

When choosing a VPS Hosting server considers all aspects. Find a delicate balance between them and then decide for the right one. 

Custom support 

What kind of customer support the VPS hosting services provide? Opt for those that offer 24/7 support. In case of any problem, you should be able to get help. 

Check for reviews on their business websites, see users feedback about services. 

Why do I need VPS hosting?

What is the best time to turn to VPS hosting?

Is your shared hosting server unable to provide for your needs? It’s time to go bigger!

VPS hosting is a cross between dedicated servers and shared hosting. Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting is an isolated environment with dedicated resources. You are providing more processing power and your site loads faster. VPS hosting is the affordable option to start before you advance to the dedicated server.

The right time to look for VPS hosting is 

•    If your site is slow during peak traffic times 

•    If the website you are hosting is getting frequent errors. 

•    If your site becomes a target for hackers and security is at risk. 

You need to consider VPS Hosting server in these cases. 

•    Your business or website has outgrown shared hosting. 

•    You believe in having an increase in traffic in the coming days or months. 

•    You are planning to host several websites. 

•    Your website needs advanced security and better performance. Considering Shared hosting fails to provide these features. 

•    You want to have all control related to server things. 

What should I look for when buying VPS hosting?

There are various choices with a virtual server offering. Everyone has different specifications for VPS shopping. 

Although there are some basic things, you should consider when purchasing VPS. 


The location of your service plays a vital role while looking for VPS. It’s advisable to get a VPS in the place of your majority incoming traffic. 


VPS hardware plays a significant role in providing a reliable service. 

Some conventional Virtual Servers use a single dedicated server. These servers have single or dual CPU’s, a lot of RAM along with many drives in a Raid Array. Their performance and reliability are decent, and the entry cost is low. 

There are also Virtual Servers that build on SAN and Blade environments. 

No doubt the Cloud Servers have more benefits than the Virtual Convention Servers. These servers have high costs along with features. 

Type of virtualisation 

You can find various Virtualisation offerings in the market. Your need depends on your requirements. There is no rule that one fits all, some Virtualisation types are 

Operating system virtualisation 

Each container is an example of the underlying operating system. The kernel used as the host server must be the same. 

Hardware emulation 

This type of virtualisation duplicates the server hardware in software. Various operating systems can be installed on a single server. 

Para virtualisation 

This type of virtualisation is a software layer. It organises the communication between hardware level and operating systems. 


Whenever a customer is looking for a VPS hosting server, there could be two reasons. First, they abandon their shared hosting server. Second, they are looking for a more flexible solution. 

When choosing a VPS to keep in mind these things: 

•    The VPS can grow with your requirements. 

•    The host should have an easy-to-use control panel with at least essential functions. Including upgrading, downgrading, start, stop, reboot and console to break things. 

Price value 

If you are choosing a VPS for your business, do not buy the first one you find. Look around and speak with various providers. 

The cheapest option may not fulfil your requirements. Look for a VPS host that offers excellent value for your money. 

Does VPS hosting cost more?

There are number factors on which VPS hosting pricing depends such as 

•    Level of service and support 

•    Performance 

•    Bandwidth 

•    Features 

The VPS hosting price is neither too high, like dedicated hosting not too low. 

VPS vs Shared hosting cost 

Shared hosting is cheaper than VPS, but with low price, the results are of less value. 

VPS vs Dedicated hosting cost 

VPS is half the cost of a dedicated server. It’s more flexible in the number of resources used and paid. VPS has expandable pricing based on your business requirements. 

VPS vs Cloud hosting cost 

With VPS Hosting, it predetermines your resource level. While it does not predetermine cloud hosting resource level. It leads to an unpredictable cost more expensive than VPS. 

Is VPS worth its cost? 

The answer is Yes! 

VPS is a powerful and multipurpose hosting server. It fulfils the needs of many companies. It provides you with a feature worth its cost. 

What VPS hosting offers 

The number of websites customers can host Unlimited. 

Resource utilisation: Pre-determined, could expand if needed. 

Required skill for account management: Basic server admin and troubleshooting 

Hosting support: depending on the selected plan 

IP address: it’s not shared with other companies. 

Operating System: Limited, options vary by provider 

Hosting control: Full root access 

Remote access to the server: Yes, via SSH or Remote Desktop 

Install custom software: Yes 

What happens if you choose wrong or cheap VPS? 

Choosing your VPS hosting provider solely on price is not a good strategy because: 

•    Cheap VPS hosting comes with trade-offs. Meaning it increases the company’s bottom line cost. 

•    Cheap VPS rarely provide 24/7 customer support. 

•    Cheap VPS hosting also cannot provide reputable security software and protocol. 

Some companies make the mistake of purchasing cheap VPS hosting. Soon they realise it doesn’t end up saving money. 

VPS hosting pros and cons 

Technology is progressing at a rapid speed in recent years. It is challenging to choose with so many options available. 

VPS is a diverse service providing countless applications. This hosting service comes with both pros and cons. 

VPS hosting users enjoy many benefits the server provides. Though there are some drawbacks, they are a handful. 


VPS hosts guarantee the resources on their web hosting account. It means your account will have the set amount of RAM, CPU, and Disk Space. It doesn’t matter what other users on the server are doing. Also, you do not share the Operating System with any other user. It will provide better security for your website files. 

Some benefits of VPS hosting server are: 


VPS hosting is less expensive than dedicated hosting but still offers more raw power. 

VPS is a little more expensive than shared servers. Still, it provides a lot more options, the services VPS hosting offers is worth the value of money. 

Speedy set up 

Compared to dedicated server VPS hosting servers are faster to create. A VPS hosting server is ready within hours with all required software installed. 


VPS hosting servers provide you with a wide range of price and features. They resemble cloud web hosting plans a bit. Because of this reason, there are more VPS hosting servers on offer than Dedicated. 

You can always find the best suitable solution with the VPS hosting server. 

Root access 

VPS hosting servers provide complete root access. Users have permission to perform operations, install software and extra modules. With root access, you have full control of the server’s Operating System. 


They build vPS hosting servers with the best hardware components. The powerful built allow VPS to offer many features. All the while dedicated servers miss these features in the same price range. 

High security 

Choosing VPS as your hosting server will make you relax regarding security. VPS hosting secure the central server from any DDoS attacks or security exploits. 

Easy upgrade 

With VPS, you use only part of the central server’s resources. It will make the upgrade easy and ready to use in a short time. 


VPS hosting servers are less potent than Dedicated servers. VPS server is ideal for personal websites or heavy applications resource. 

Thus, VPS is not much use if you plan to run a large business. A large forum section, bulk email daily, and resources hungry application is challenging to manage with VPS hosting. 


Regarding the physical server, there can be several VPS hosting servers at a time. If a single server is consuming too much CPU or RAM power, the entire server slows down. All this affects the overall VPS container. 

Require technical knowledge 

To manage the VPS hosting server, you need more technical knowledge to maintain it. 

Poor allocation of resources 

The VPS hosting resources are not allocated suitably, because of oversold space by the host. The poor allocation may cause server issues affecting all other sites in the server. 


VPS hosting provides you with features of Dedicated hosting for lower cost. While compared to shared hosting, it’s expensive but worth the value of money. 

Though purchasing the right VPS host is a difficult task. Once you accomplish it, you can relax and reap the benefits. 

Think thoroughly and search effectively to find the correct VPS hosting server. Consider your needs and budget to choose well from all available options.