Best Dedicated Hosting

Seeking change and optimisation for your online host is not an easy task. Lots of questions may arise.

Who is this article for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Large audience website owners

Do you have delays in your work because of server malfunctions?

Have you reached the maximum capacities of your current provider?

You need to upgrade and look for indications in your research?

You’re at the right place.

In this general review, we will go through the main features of dedicated hosting.

After reading this, you will check if it suits you or your business. But also we will help you sort out all its different characteristics.

What is Dedicated hosting used for?

It provides you with your own server for two main reasons.

  1. To increase your profits:
  • Upgrade your speed
  • You do not have to share the server’s performances with other websites.
  • Top up online safety for your clients and yourself
  • Some of your clients have general knowledge about online privacy and safety. They will soon learn that your company has its own server. They will feel safer. They will less hesitate about putting their private details, coordinates and banking information.
  • Increase your website’s ranking
  • No neighbour website will hurt your ranking if you are the sole user of the server.
  1. To allow more comfort in your work:
  • Customisation of your workspace.

              Own measure tools, equipment and operating system.

  • Software maintenance and management

Depending on the package: you will choose a processor. You will get options for direct support and replacement for your hardware. Backup memory disks are also consistent features of the offers.

  • Get help and advice

Hosting is the perfect choice for companies that already have a computing expert at hand. It is a service you pay for that will take care of the management of the server for you.

  • Divide your workload

Your employees do not have to fix your host-site. It allows you to work faster — delegate computing system management. Thus your skilled workers can have their full focus on primary importance duties.

  • Fewer delays in case of cyber-attack

In the case your data is threatened, dedicated hosting also provides backup.

  • What makes it less efficient is that they may have to fix the breaches for hundreds of sites at the same time.

If you use dedicated hosting, and you experience security issues, the host will focus on fixing your server only.

Find out all the perks and features of this alternative.

How did we pick the best dedicated hosting?

What you need to know:

Before you examine the offers closely, you need to know the specifics of your system. It will serve as a point of comparison.

Know how much space your current system requires:

– Check your RAM: expressed in Mega and Gigabytes

– The Bandwidth you use: in TB

– Amount of data present on your system in TB

After you have gathered the information, dissect offers with the PARCS in mind:

PARCS are Performance, Accessibility, Reliability, Cost and Service.

They are the server’s requirements specification.

Let’s start!

● Performance:

-Load Time

The performance of your site

It is a speed expressed in MS.

On a comparator, for example, loading speed ranges from 248ms to 1.2 sec.

For a competitive one, nowadays, it must always be under one second.

-Caching storage: Stores data to re-use it later, improving your speed.

● Accessibility: ​ 

-Control panels:

When you are not familiar with programming, control panels are here to ease your job. Two of them are the most present on the market:

-Plesk, which can be used either with Windows or Linux

-Cpanel for which Linux is the only option

● Reliability:


The server’s percentage of availability

Must be as close as possible to 100%

-Downtime (opposite of Uptime)

Duration and number of failures on the system in a period

-CPUs (Central Processing Unit) Most of them will have several cores. 

They are used to operating different software at the same time.

Providers offer from two, up to over eight. They express their power in GHz.

● Costs: ​

There is a wide range of prices.

The monthly cost of dedicated hosting is roughly between 40GBP and up to 729 GBP.

Some extras imply side expenses.

For example, it is the case with:

-caching storage.

Price is not always included in the package. Some hosts charge as much as 90GBP or more for this service.

– The number of dedicated IPs?

Will determine the number of devices allowed to manage the server.

You will usually find from one to no less than ten available IPs.

● Support: ​

Customer service is a decisive feature in your selection.

Different plans from self to fully managed package are practicable.

You want the support team to be knowledgeable and concise in their response.

Some will only provide you with links to online help pages. Others are more complete and chat with you to solve your problems.

Are they reachable 24/7 by phone, mail, chat?

Make sure you have read several reviews before choosing to avoid disappointment later.

Why do I need Dedicated hosting?

You can compare shared and dedicated hosting to private and public services.

Why would you need the services of a private company? More affordable public solutions are available.

This line of reasoning is legitimate. But the drawbacks will, at some point, prevent you from making more profit out of your online business.

You can see the difference. It is the same choice as taking public transport or hiring a chauffeur…

It is a matter of flexibility.

Dedicated hosting is not the most affordable option. It’s true, but without it, you could not expand and be efficient at the same time.

Speed is of great importance for an online business. It determines the first opinion your customers will have when they reach your site.

Select dedicated hosting. You make sure clients will not quit the page and assume it is not reliable enough.

In their mind, your technical performance will reflect your trustworthiness.

The tools and applications it provides will ease your work and allow more precision. There is a broad range of offers. You will find one custom-made for you.

Your website’s ranking will improve. You have the exclusivity of the server.

This hosting offers peace of mind. With top-notch security and data recovery options.

Depending on what your needs and budget are — different plans available: from autonomous to fully managed.

(see more details in ‘What should I look for when buying dedicated hosting,’ section below.)

Big businesses need to manage a high number of visitors and monetary operations. Dedicated hosting has become more of a necessity than an option. Otherwise, it would not be sustainable and secure.

What should I look for when buying Dedicated hosting?

One of the most important features among the offers will be the provider’s amount of management.

Shared and cloud hosts are in complete control of their server. Dedicated hosting proposes management and control panels as options.

Are you a well-rounded computing user? Or have never dealt with programming before? This will impact your choice.

A programmer will not need to buy managed hosting. He could run it by himself and save some money.

For ordinary mortals who do not wish to venture beyond the Matrix, it will be wiser if they opt for a fully managed plan.

For a fully managed plan, the provider has to:

  • Take care of the server’s maintenance and settings
  • Operate monitoring tasks
  • Fix and optimise the server, so it is entirely operational at all times.

About control panels

Some operating systems, such as Windows, will have built-in control panels. For Linux, if you don’t do programming, you need to install one.

What does this interface do?

  • Enables you to see statistics
  • Monitors checks of your website.
  • Operates software for your server

These technical features aside, what will orientate your choice will also be the cost.

Often in hosting prices are subject to a commitment period and rise after a few years.

Make sure it will still be within your budget in the long term.

Does Dedicated hosting cost more?

Among all the different hosts you can find, a dedicated server is the most comprehensive. It also means it is the most expensive.

This hosting will help you lighten your workload and boost your total yield.

We can consider it does not cost more than it returns. The more customers you can host, the more you can make.

If you know, you can afford it, and it answers your company’s requirements then, it is worth every penny.

There are other options such as shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) and cloud hosting. They are not sufficient for a big company in terms of storage, security and speed.

Dedicated hosting Pro’s and Con’s

Here is a recap of the pros and cons of dedicated hosting.

You will see the difference between the other services. For speed and efficiency-related problems, the solution is quite straightforward.

A dedicated server has the best perks you can wish for. It remains out of reach for average users. If it was not for a matter of price, every professional would be glad to use it.


  • It is your private server. You’re in total control.
  • Helps you deal with the unexpected growth of your business.
  • Helps you grow, with higher capacities.
  • Professional tools and apps available. Which you could not access otherwise?
  • Your loading times will improve. It will keep your clients from leaving the website.
  • No other customer is present on the server. No one will affect your performances or rating.
  • Life-saving enhanced data protection and recovery.


  • Not the most affordable option
  • Does not fit every business in terms of features.
  • Unless you’re an expert, customer service and help are not always enough.
  • It is necessary to have an IT specialist who will team up and communicate with the hosting service.
  • Dedicated servers host do not all have the same reliability rate.
  • With hardware malfunction, it’s often hard to reset. You may experience delays and issues before being able to use it again.


Other types of hosting seem to be secure options, mostly because they involve a lesser financial investment.

  • If you have ever needed more power and flexibility from your online server
  • If your company is big enough and have sufficient funds to allocate to it
  • If you seek to ease your workload
  • If you want to delegate online security to professionals, you can trust

You will need to switch to dedicated hosting.

In the case, it is still too expensive for you at the moment, consider the different options like:

  • VPS
  • Cloud hosting

Where you only pay for the amount of space you use. They are service providers and offer different packages too.

Nothing prevents you from upgrading later. If you follow the steps described in this article, you will have useful data to help you make your choice. Also, try to see what kind of offer similar companies work with. You will find a fitting solution.