Best Unlimited Hosting

Websites that use large volumes of bandwidth and disk storage costs their host provider more money.

Websites that use low-volume resources end up paying for services they didn’t use.

Unlimited hosts try to strike a balance in their operations. They limit access to their services.

The most commonly used restriction in unlimited hosting is terms of service.

Below is everything you need to know about unlimited hosting.

What is Unlimited Hosting used for?

In most unlimited hosting plans, you will come across features such as

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited disc storage space
  • Unlimited databases
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited email addresses

Unlimited hosting is ideal for blogs and personal websites. Since they use fewer resources, there is no worry of hitting limits with this plan.

It is also best for small and medium businesses since they have low-volume web usage.

On the flip side, it is not fit for those websites with huge resource demands. Such websites include media-rich or even streaming sites. 

High-volume websites use shared unlimited hosting plans. They cost their hosts more money.

Web hosting providers limit the use that each account generates.

For instance, most unlimited plans prohibit mass email marketing. They also prohibit reselling of accounts.

Also, there are restrictions on the data you store. Most plans do not support personal data backups.

An unlimited hosting solution comes with a wide selection of tools and features. These tools and features allow you to tailor the look of your website and back-end. 

Getting the best unlimited hosting solution will help you make the most of your resources. Such unlimited hosting uses state-of-the-art hardware.

Besides, they frequently update their servers’ software and use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). All this ensures that your website remains secure and loads quickly.

You can enhance the functionality of your site by:

  • Optimising your website
  • Minimising your website clutter 
  • Using third-party applications for most website functions
  • Using the right plug-ins for your site

The two main types of unlimited hosting are; shared and reseller. Understand each of them before picking out the one to use.

Note that you can only access most of the unlimited offers through a shared hosting plan.

Unlimited hosting is very crucial if you take up too much-shared resources often. Thanks to your host’s support team, you can rest easy.

How did we pick the best Unlimited Hosting?

To pick the best hosting service, we looked at several factors.

We went for a hosting that offers server extra perks. These extras are vital and can add a lot of value.

Some hosts offer a free SSL certificate. This certificate enhances the security of your website.

It secures the address bar for your visitors with a secure green lock. Such a security feature is very critical if you collect information from visitors.

Other hosts also offer a free domain name. However, this free domain is usually free for the first year.

After the first year, it will need you to renew. The renewal will require you to pay.

Others will offer SSD storage. SSDs are crucial for increasing the speed of your website. 

Their speed is many times more than that of HHDs. They help speed up many operations related to hosting your website.

Another extra perk that many host’s offer is a free email. However, it is important to pay keen attention to their terms.

Our host account also comes with cPanel, which is an easy-to-control panel. cPanel is often used as a hosting control panel. As a result, it offers a vantage point in using it.

CPanel also allows you to change from your current host to another without encountering any challenges. 

We also chose a control panel that has a script installer. 

Our web host has taken into consideration the pricing for the disk space, CPU time, and bandwidth. It averages the actual cost across all the customers.

During the free trial period, you will have an opportunity to test customer service.

Many hosts may limit you on the number of emails you can send. However, our host will allow you to send as many as you would like.

Why do I need Unlimited Hosting?

Unlike other web hosts, unlimited hosting is preferable because of two main reasons:

  • It is relatively cheap. Unlimited hosting provides an incredible growth platform for personal websites and small businesses.

This hosting has various plans, all differing in prices. It gives everyone room to choose the most appropriate package for their needs.

Also, these packages create a conducive environment for easy scaling.

You pay for the plans every month. The charges are very low, and anybody can afford a plan.

  • It can accommodate unforeseen traffic. Usually, the design of most unlimited hosts is in such a way that they can handle excess traffic.

Besides, they incorporate the new traffic into your current payment plan.

In such a case, you may pay a few more dollars to compensate for the extra resources used.

However, the most recommendable way to deal with growing traffic is to buy a bigger plan.

  • There is no need to worry about hitting limits. Unlimited hosting plans are perfect for small-sized businesses and individual sites. 

The resources and features available are too much to diminish. There is a sense of security as they carry out their daily operations.

What should I look for when buying Unlimited Hosting?

The following is a guideline to help you make the best choice when buying an unlimited hosting. 

Do thorough research on the reputation and experience of the web hosting service.

Go to their website and check customer reviews and partner brands. The information you get will help you know the credibility of the service provider.

You will also need to know the requirements of your website beforehand.  Some requirements include the resources and applications that your website needs to function well. 

You should also know the amount of memory, space, and bandwidth that your website requires.

Stating your requirements will help you choose the web host with much ease.

There is also a need to confirm with your hosting provider whether the server is well optimised for speed.

It is recommendable to go for hosts that provide a data center location, SSD storage, and CDNs. With such, you can rest assured of getting quality speed.

Also, your security should be paramount to you. 

Check whether they offer firewalls and round-the-clock network monitoring. Also, check if they provide malware and spam filters.  

An excellent unlimited hosting should also offer daily backups for your data.

Consider a package that provides room for expansion. You can quickly scale as your website grows.

A dedicated server or a virtual private server would be most appropriate.

Does Unlimited Hosting cost more?

Every time you buy unlimited hosting, you are paying for five things.  These things may not appear in your fee.

One thing you are buying is disk space. It is this space that will store your website’s data and much more.

Another thing you pay for is the processing cycles. These cycles refer to pulling out useful information from a set of data. 

The extraction of information from raw data  is critical in providing a view on how it travels and transforms.

The other thing that you buy in your bill is the bandwidth. It refers to the data that moves between your website, the internet, and your users. 

You also need to understand that it costs your host to power the hardware for your resources. What this means is that electricity is used, which is never free.

One other thing that forms part of your bill is the trained staff. They ensure that they oversee all the technological aspects. These professional personnel get paid handsomely for their expertise. 

Unlimited hosting is the cheapest plan in the market today. 

It distributes its operation costs in the different plans that it offers.

Unlimited Hosting Pros & Cons

Apart from unlimited bandwidth and disc space, this hosting has other exciting features. Some of them are; free SSL certificate, domain name, and SSD storage.

However, there are several limits to this hosting plan. Exceeding set resource limits affects the speed of your site.


  • You can choose a hosting package easily without worrying about technical specifications.
  • Unlimited hosting offers are quite many. Every small, simple website can get one quickly.
  • Unlimited hosting is cheaper compared to another hosting.
  • It offers excellent customer support around the clock. This support helps you manage your web hosting. 
  • It offers high-quality hosting. The servers used by hosting providers are high tech and closely monitored.


  • Unlimited hosting may not be suitable for large sites or for storing large amounts of media. It may also not be ideal for sites that have complex back-end logic.
  • All the websites hosted share the server’s resources. Your site will have to compete for the resources with other sites.
  • With time, you may be forced to move to a dedicated or VPS server. Such happens if your website becomes very popular and gains very high traffic.
  • Because of using a shared server, you may not install your software.
  • Some good hosting providers are location-centric. They cannot be of use to people outside the designated areas. 


In conclusion, unlimited hosting helps small businesses to establish an online presence. It costs very little money and time.

Consider going for unlimited hosting if you plan to grow. It provides an incredible growth platform for personal websites and small businesses.

It also the best option since it can handle any excess traffic.

Likewise, you need not worry about reaching your limits. There are so many resources and features, which you may not finish.  

Unlimited hosting also assures you of your security. It will offer your security as you carry out your day-to-day operations.

However, do your homework concerning the hosting company before choosing a package. You can read reviews or even study their offers.