Best Python Hosting

Python is considered one of the popular programming languages. It’s a high-level programming language. 

We use Python for developing desktop GUI applications, websites and web applications. 

It allows you to focus on the basic functionality of the application. Overtaking the responsibility for everyday programming tasks. 

The programming language has simple syntax rules. This rule makes it easier for users to keep the code base readable. It also helps in maintaining the application. 

Python gives excellent integration support, along with other languages and tools. It includes extensive standard libraries; also, it is quick to learn. 

Developers particularly mention increases in productivity when using Python. We praise it for its skill to promote higher quality and more maintainable code.

What is Python hosting used for?

Python is flexible and versatile. It shows that it’s an excellent solution for a variety of fields. Such as.

  • Web development.
  • Machine learning
  • Startups.
  • Fintech
  • Academia and science.

Python is a universal programming language around the world. Users can use it for almost all tasks related to the back-end part of the software. 

To understand what Python hosting used for let’s discuss Python uses first.

Mixed Programming Paradigms

Python is the best choice for some users. Including those who like to combine an object-oriented approach with structured programming.

They design it to be easily read and understood by beginners. All thanks to its simple stylistic form and grammar.

The code is purposely in a clear and concise form. Making it easy for new programmers to review and change.

Python swings towards using English words, making any visual file clear.

Extending Python

We can boost Python performance with add-on functions written in C or C+. It is also usable as a command language with C.

It allows code to run from within a Java application. 

Python is Easy to Learn

Compared to other languages that appear impossible for beginners. Python is quite easy to learn by newbies. One of its significant benefits is its cross-platform compatibility.

You can code Python in the Terminal app but is also used for

Python is used by many big companies like

  • YouTube
  • Google
  • NASA
  • CERN. 

How did we pick the best Python hosting?

Where can you find a Python host?

You can find a variety of Python hosting options. Look into shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

Some hosts even offer free Python hosting. Some web hosts do not provide Python support at all. These are the ones with shared hosting packages. So how can one choose the best Python hosting?

Before you register a hosting plan, take some time to study the details of your web host. 

Most web hosts offer a money-back guarantee in a specific period. However, to subscribe and cancel immediately is not a pleasant experience.

Make sure that your host has Python and mod_python installed on the servers.

Different versions of Python work differently. Make sure the web host has your desired Python version. If not, is it possible to manually install your Python?. There are many other factors to select the best Python hosting. 

A shortlist of the most common items: 

  • They install Python
  • Python is up-to-date
  • Python interpreter is up-to-date.
  • Persistent (long-running) processes are allowed.
  • Support shell access
  • Support CGI, mod_wsgi, FastCGI or SCGI
  • Other Python modules are required.

Why do I need Python hosting?

Why is Python hosting a good idea?

Let’s start with:

It’s excellent for web development because it’s quick to write. It’s ideal for advanced, sophisticated applications.

All kinds of big companies, from BitTorrent to YouTube, used Python. It is part of processing to some most advanced scientific data at NASA and CERN.

Its flexibility and simplicity also make it an ideal choice for web apps.

1) Readable and Maintainable Code

While writing a software application, what’s your focus? 

Quality of its source code to clarify maintenance and updates quickly.

The Python syntax rules allow you to express concepts without writing extra code. The readable and clean code base will enable you to maintain and update the software.

2) Various programming paradigms

Python supports many programming paradigms. It fully supports.

  • Object-oriented 
  • Structured programming 

Its language features to support various concepts in programming. Python also features an active type system and computerised memory management. 

The programming paradigms and language features are helpful for users. These features help in developing large and complex software applications.

3) Suitable for major platforms and systems

Python is usable for interpreters to run the code on specific platforms and tools. Python is an interpreted programming language. It enables users to run the same code on multiple platforms.

You can run a changed application code without rechecking the impact of changes made to the code. The feature changes the system without increasing development time.

4) Powerful Standard Library

Its extensive and powerful standard library makes Python score over other programming languages. The standard library enables you to select from a broad range of the modules.

When writing a web application in Python, you can use specific modules to

  • Implement web services, 
  • Perform string operations, 
  • Manage the operating system interface.
  • Work with internet protocols.

Python Standard Library documentation helps gather information about various modules.

5) Multiple open-source frameworks and tools

Python helps to reduce software development cost as an open-source programming language. There are several open-source Python frameworks, libraries and development tools available. These features are used to decrease development time.

It is possible to simplify and speed up web application development. One way is by using powerful Python web frameworks like.

  • Django 
  • Flask
  • Pyramid
  • Bottle 
  • Cherrypy. 

It can speed desktop GUI application development up. With the help of Python GUI frameworks and toolkits like 

  • PyQT
  • PyJs
  • PyGUI
  • Kivy 
  • PyGTK 
  • WxPython.

6) Simplify Complex Software Development

Python is a general-purpose programming language. You can use this programming language for developing desktop and web applications. 

You can use Python for developing challenging scientific and numeric applications. They design Python with features to enable data analysis and visualisation. 

Users can take advantage of the data analysis features of Python. They can create custom big data solutions.

The data visualisation libraries and APIs provided by Python helps you visualise. It also submits data in a more effective way. 

Various Python developers even use Python to achieve artificial intelligence (AI). Sometimes Python is useful for natural language processing tasks.

7) Adopt Test Driven Development

Python is used to create a prototype of the software application quickly. You can create the software application directly from the prototype. 

Python makes it easier for you to perform coding and testing. This is by adopting a test-driven development (TDD) approach. 

What should I look for when buying Python hosting?

Check with your host and make sure it’s suitable for your needs.

Make sure you have access that the Apache installation supports CGI and mod_wsgi. You will need these for your web framework.

Before registering with a host, tick off this list.

Check Python Modules

The host’s policy on Python modules is worth checking. Some Python hosting servers are happy to install whatever you need and in a short time.

Other hosts may have policies or restrictions about which modules they will allow. They often refuse to install anything unproven or untested.

Long-running processes

Make sure your Python host will allow you to run persistent operations on its servers. Particularly if you are opting for a cheaper plan, such as a shared hosting plan.

Many hosts don’t permit such processes because they are resource hogs. Even a shared hosting plan offers unlimited resources. 

Your web host may assess your apps more suitable for a VPS plan or dedicated server. They can also consider discontinuing your agreement.

If you need to run persistent processes, it is in your best interest in investing in a virtual private server (VPS).

You can choose an expensive option, such as a dedicated server. Ensure it will allow you to code whatever you like; however you want.

Dedicated Servers Require Maintenance

Choosing a dedicated server is optimal if you don’t want to fix things on your server. 

A virtual setting offered by a VPS plan will protect you from this kind of trouble. You might consider a managed program that supports custom coding.

Special Python Plans

If exclusive code in Python or base a large amount of your coding around is a requirement. It’s best to email the host before signing up for a deal personally.

They may have a unique plan for Python at a reasonable cost. It will give you more freedom and flexibility.

Consider these things when looking for Python hosting.

When choosing a web host for Python:

  • Make sure that your chosen package has Python support in the specifications.
  • Check the Python interpreter version. Sometimes hosts are reluctant to update an old interpreter if there’s limited demand.
  • Verify which modules they install, and what is the policy regarding new modules.
  • Check whether you can install Python packages, which are directories of Python modules.
  • Make sure your host will allow you to run persistent processes; on shared hosting, though doubtful. 
  • Check that you have Shell (SSH) access.
  • Check your databases options; you can expect Python scripts to play well with a MySQL database. 

If your strategies include spending a lot of time working with Python, look for a host that specialises in it. It’s not advisable to choose the cheapest host and to hope for the best.

Does Python host cost more?

When looking for a Python hosting, the cost is the primary concern. No doubt the features and services provided by Python host make it worth its value.

To analyse the cost of Python hosting, let’s compare it with other programming languages to get a clear idea.

Python host vs Java host

Firstly Python is more cost effective than Java. That is why small- and medium-sized projects prefer it. For most use cases, it’s a perfect choice.

Keep in mind that just because Java is expensive doesn’t mean Python is unreliable. 

Writing some projects in Java is sometimes overkill. Some large companies choose it over other languages because it is an expensive solution, and thus better in their eyes.

Truthfully, java hosts will provide you with high quality. When compared with Python, the result is longer and slower in development.

Python host vs PHP host

When comparing PHP with Python host. The former is more affordable than later. If we consider features and services, both have their specialities.

Python hosting Pro’s & Con’s

Python hosts provide services to a variety of web projects, from simple to complicated. It has extensive usage in different domains such as 




Finance, and many others.

Python hosts are famous for the benefits they offer. However, there are some drawbacks to consider beforehand.


  • It supports HTTP and MIME, so running your web apps written in Python is faster.
  • You can code extensions in C or C++.
  • Python can run from Java applications.
  • Programmers can connect with databases to fetch content into their projects 
  • There are thousands of free packages. These plans speed up development and are potential to cut costs.


  • It’s hard to place mistakes in your file until it’s time to run the code. All this makes debugging hard.
  • Python can be slow, so you’ll need a speedy host to equalise.
  • Unless you’re a skilled developer, learning Python is a challenge.
  • Python hosts may not help you if you run into a technical problem.
  • A shared hosting plan rarely provides Python support. It means you either choose the expensive VPS hosting plan or dedicated server. 

Final thoughts

So, whichever domain you work in, Python is worth your attention. It offers secure solutions, saves time, and guarantees a high level of security.

Python is used and trusted by many big and small companies. Some big companies use Python as their primary coding language. Django is one of the significant Python platforms. Some companies that use Python web development services are.

  • Instagram
  • Interest
  • Bitbucket
  • Dropbox 

If all these trusted companies are using Python host service. It’s a reliable and secure option to choose.