Best Java Hosting

Web applications come in various shapes and sizes. If you’re an upcoming developer or a pro, be ready-to-use java as one of your programming languages. 

The best thing about java is that it’s very flexible. No matter what program you choose to develop, you can apply it anywhere. 

What exactly is Java hosting? 

In simple terms, java supported hosting is a host with an installed java software on it. But, for effectiveness, this program requires more resources. 

What Is Java Hosting Used For?

We can use Java as a programming language, an application or a software. 

  1. Java Hosting as a Programming Language

To start off, giving a little background about java programming language would be vital. 

Java is a novice programming language by Sun Microsystems. It was created in 1995 and has been great since the launch. As much as it faces stiff competition from other hosting, most websites still rely on it. And this will never change. 

Java is owned by oracle. It’s used for enterprise applications, websites, gaming, automation and LoT (Internet of Things).

  1. Using Java As Applications

For better user experience, you need software to run java app. The software is usually a free download small package. Hence, less interruptions when you’re browsing. 

They call this JRE (Java Runtime Environment) or Java plugin. Once you download the plugin, it will require you to update it regularly. 

You’ll want to use a Java Virtual Environment on the server. Ensure it includes a java Virtual Machine. The JVM combines the java code with your machine language which is implemented on the server. 

  1. Java as a Free Software

You can find this software for free. However, it takes up space on your PC and it can interrupt your runtime. 

How Did We Pick The Best Java Hosting

Java is a well-known hosting that focuses on programming language, software and applications. And it’s not going anywhere. 

As you learn more, you’ll find more fascinating facts about java and how to code it. You’ll also learn how to identify a good java host. 

Sites like Facebook. Wikipedia and Amazon use java. Sensitive sites like healthcare and finance use java to develop sensitive applications. It’s also the major language used in Android. 

Below are some factors we considered when picking the best java hosting: 

  1. Host That Offers Customised Plans

Most of the time you may end up with less or more features than you require to run your java. This is because you will choose between dedicated and VPS plans. And not between different java hosting. 

Custom-built plans allow you to select important tools and resources. It helps to avoid wasting money on any extra features. 

  1. The security

Java is among the hosting with the best security in programming languages. But, hackers can break through your server, if you don’t have enough protection.

 Strive to make your java applications secure every day. You can achieve this by backing up your data daily, redundancy, network monitoring and DDoS protection. 

  1. Speed and Reliability

Like any other hosting, fast uptimes and speed are important. These features can decide either to make your applications prosper or die. 

For your major hosting solutions you can use CloudFlare, SSD storage, caching, and CDN to guard your apps. 

If the hosting does not support down-time updates and application deployment for your server, avoid it. 

  1. Easy Java Programming

Java makes it easier to run and write java apps online. This is an added advantage. 

Hosts that give a one-click java apps installation, make it effortless to use your java. 

Pick The Best Java Hosting

If you want to develop any apps with java, you’ll need the best hosting provider. The one that you can configure to support java efficiently and with less hassle. 

As java host, there are other hosting solutions that give Dedicated and VPS plans. These plans offer services and servers that will make your java apps perform admirably. 

Why Do I Need Java Hosting 

On the positive side, Java has some good things in the store. 

Java is one of the most famous programming languages in the world. Thus, web gurus and developers have good reasons for their loyalty. 

Below are the reasons you need java hosting yourself:

  1. Stunning speed
  2. Easy to master
  3. Popularity and longevity
  4. Platform security
  5. Free accessibility
  6. Independence
  7. Strong Programming languages

Stunning Speed

With speed, Java is very competitive. It takes the C or C+ and makes the code simple. For example, in java you’ll not need pointers like you will in C.

Initially Java was identified by its slow loading speed. But, since the late 1990s, Java has improved the performance. All the credit goes to innovations such as adaptive optimisation and just-in-time. 

Easy to Master

Java is among the programming languages that are object-oriented. It’s equally easy to master. 

If you’re an upcoming java developer, you can find several resources online. These resources vary from professional qualifications to free courses. 

Popularity and Longevity 

Java is behind Android creations. So, it’s a language that is here to stay. According to year 2017 statistics, 81.7% of the phones that were bought, ran Android. 

Java is a very popular program language. Hence, you’ll be getting a host that will meet your needs. 

Strong Programming Language

Java is an object-oriented program language. This means it has a very strong code reusing and extensibility. 

It’s also powerful in mass adaptability. Right from developing simple applications to complicated learning. 

Platform Security

Previously, there have been reported cases about java’s safety. But with Oracle, there are no such cases anymore. It uses an extensive set of security tools, Protocols, APIs and algorithms. 

All these take care of cryptography, originality and authorisation, and public Key Infrastructure. 

Free Use

Java is available online for free. Except for Commercial java hosting and software that are related to Java SE which are available at a fee. 


If you’re using java, you don’t need any specific operating system or device. You can use java, JVM, and apps on any platform. 

Independence plays a major role in java host’s mass adaption. 

What Should I Look For When Buying A Java Hosting

Besides java overall support, it would be best to consider support for tools. 

It’s not a secret that you’ll be using java tools to run your site. For example, Java Server Pages might interest you. 

  1. PHP and JavaServer Pages

JSP is a technology that facilitates the creation of web pages on XML, HTML, and other systems. 

JSP is a development by Sun Microsystems. But it’s running as an open source by Apache Software Foundation. 

JSP is java has a compelling way of dealing with the functions of PHP within the LAMB. However, just like its name, it’s object-oriented, java, and class-based programming languages. 

  1. Operating Web Apps

Spring allows you to operate robust web applications. And the servlet container is everything that you need. 

GlassFish also makes everything easier. It’s a java open-source EE reference app server and implementation. 

But, if spring is not your best option, then you should try out Tomcat. 

As much as Tomcat is not an app server, a few developers use it as one.

The Perfect Servlet Container

Regardless of what you’ll choose to go for between Tomcat/Spring, they are both lightweight. 

It’s critical for web hosting. This is because you’ll be paying for resources and servers according to usage. 

In JSP, Spring, Tomcat’s hosting support is not guaranteed. You may get a provider claiming that they support Java apps and access JVM installation. Always make sure it’s compatible. 

  1. Does Java Hosting Cost More? 

It’s difficult to find a cheaper java hosting provider. The ones with enough resources and high-end functionality cost more. 

But, if you get an excellent java hosting, you’ll likely spend like 15 USD to 20 USD. And, if you decide to go for a dedicated server, the price will be higher. But, you’ll get more resources, performance, power, reliability, etc. in return. 

Cheaper Java Hosting?

There are cheaper options — especially the ones with VPS. With as cheap as $15 per month, you can find a reliable java hosting. With these bucks, you get a boatload of RAM, resources, endless bandwidth, and fast uptime. They’ll probably give you what you pay for. 

Can You Get Free Java Hosting? 

Like most hosting providers, you’ll always get free java hosting. 

Free java hosting has many limitations and several small prints. 

The limits include; 

  1. Startup timeouts
  2. Lack of support
  3. Old java versions
  4. Not able to customise server version
  5. Security issues

That is why it would be best if you chose a $15 a month package. With this, you can get one of the top java-based hosts. 

The features you’ll get include security, support, and performance are worth your bucks.

Java Hosting Pros & Cons

As much as there are many hosting competitors, java remains the best among them. That is all thanks to the extended time java has existed and reliability. 

Java has proved to be more flexible in platform-dependent and manual allocations. And that is why most people have embraced object-oriented language programming. 

Developers who use java, don’t experiment; they use the standard ways to create software. 

However, on any platform, you’ll always find setbacks. And java is not exceptional. 


  1. Learning Curve

Java hosting has a swift learning curve. It’s easy to compile, write, debug, unlike other programming languages. 

  1. Object-oriented programming language

Object-oriented programming enables you to develop reusable codes and modular programs. You can do this while maintaining the system flexible and extensible. 

  1. Rich APIs

Java provides APIs for different functions such as networking, utilities, XML parsing. 

  1. Community Support

Java hosting is well known for its ample community support. It helps upcoming java developers to learn and master the art of productivity. 

  1. Open resources

With all the free resources and support, java can be accessible from anywhere. Most of these resources are from Apache, Google, Yahoo, and Facebook. This makes java hosting more popular. 


  1. Paid Commercial License

Oracle recently came with the bad news that they’ll be charging business for java standard edition 8. 

  1. Incompetent Performance

Most high-end programming languages deal with lousy performance because of compilation. But this is not the main reason for java hosting poor performance. Caching configuration is the primary cause of poor performance in java. 

  1. Java Hosting May Cost More

This is because of the unique needs to take care of the server that you go for. 

  1. Different Server-side Language

Android uses various java providers. It may vary from server-side language leading to java being less useful. 

  1. Complex code

Java hosting code is wordy. This makes the language more complicated, thus unable to read and scan. 

To Wrap UP

Java is coming out as the most popular programming language. If you’re an aspiring developer, it might be the right place to hang on. It does not only open doors of opportunities for you but also easy to learn and use. 

Most businesses and individuals prefer java written software tools and applications. You could be the pro-developer that everyone needs for their hosting.