Best Rust Servers

Great, you’re interested in playing Rust! But, you need to try and discover what server you’re supposed to play on. It’s not just as easy as downloading the game and playing, each server is different and can change from site to site. Each host has different speeds, or perhaps even different mods that will affect the visual aspects of the game you’re playing.

A hell of a lot of people play Rust, but you’re a newbie. What this means is that the chances of you rage-quitting at an official server with a lot of experienced players is high. You want to pick out servers that are both conventional yet suitable for yourself and your friends to start playing, learn as you play and have some great fun whilst combining it with a competitive edge.

Rust is a special game, and the play style it requires is certainly its unique selling point, and you’ll need to be careful when choosing a server host in 2017.

The notion of hosting your own game is great to many people. You get to have your own friends all play in the same world, whether you are in a clan or all in school together. We’ve always been interested in servers and we know exactly what it takes to become a good server host. So, we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to go through the different Rust Server Host options before picking out the best possible choice in 2017. Since Rust is such a popular game in 2017, there were plenty of different hosts to choose from. We’ve made your job a lot easier by picking out the best server hosts both for beginners and for those that have a bit more experience but are looking to start their first ever server.

Server 1: – the BEST Rust Server Host in 2017

Gameservers are self-proclaimed as the #1 Game Server Provider in the world. They have served in excess of 400,000 customers and are dedicated to proving a service that will always be there for you if you choose to use their hosting. If you were questioning their reputability, then you’ll love to hear that they’ve previously worked directly with major game developers like Infinity Ward and Treyarch in the Call of Duty series, so their hosting must be great!

Most of the top Rust players in the world use Gameservers for their server and that’s why we’ve listed it as number one and the best possible server host in 2017. They are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the competition with a combination of their worldwide network, location choices and new, fully functional control panel. Features

5 Day Money Back Guarantee
Gameservers come with a 5-Day Money-Back Guarantee. This is something that we personally love regardless of the company. A guarantee puts the hosting company in a position where they’re essentially saying “come and try us”, putting you in a win-win. If you’re not happy with the server after 5 days, you’re eligible to a full refund. But if you are happy, then you’re able to continue on as usual and make the most of a fantastic server host.

Free Website
With all Gameservers game servers you’re given a free website. On first glance you may wonder why you need a website, but if you have a medium to large sized server set up that you want many people to play in with you, then a website is a great way to look legitimate and provide a service that many people would want to know about before going ahead and playing. So, we’re huge fans of the fact you get a free website and think that it’s a great feature.

24/7 Technical Support

Forever one of the most underrated features, 24/7 technical support means that you’ll always have someone to help with your problems regardless of when they happen. Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter or just playing after work, you’ll be met with a member of staff ready to help support you if something goes wrong with the server you bought. A reason we love this is because some server hosting only has customer support available in their local hours, making it difficult for you to sort issues that happen in the evening and the middle of the night.

Easy To Use Control Panel

The Gameservers control panel allows you to configure and customise your Rust server. You can switch locations at a touch of a button and add administrators to ensure everything’s running slowly whilst you’re away from the computer. All in all, the control panel is effective and gives you a smooth experience in hosting.

Clan Play

Clan pay is a great little feature that many will be interested but not many would have seriously considered as an option. It allows for payments to be split between several of you. So, if you’re in a Rust clan and creating a server for only your clan, then you can all pay an equal share of the hosting without needing to rely on individual bank transfers each month.


The pricing structure for Gameservers is pretty much unrivalled. They offer fantastic quality to pricing ratio that makes it almost inevitable that you’ll want to go with them for your server hosting needs.

Gameservers begins at a lowest of £6.95 a month for 50 slots. You can upgrade to up to 200 slots which will total at around £27.92 a month. Either way, you’re paying a lot less than you usually are elsewhere.


Gameservers has a perfect blend of unique, important and cost-effective features that puts it head and shoulders above any of the competition.

We love the clan play,  how easy it to setup and the level of support you can expect. The 5-day guarantee doesn’t hurt neither does the FREE website. Overall there are a lot of positives and very little to moan about. That is why we put Gameservers as the best Rust server host in 2020.

Server 2: GTX Gaming

GTX Gaming is the first company we’d recommend. They aren’t the best choice, but they are good. They’ve got over ten years of experience in hosting game servers, Rust included. They are dedicated to creating the best options for customers whilst also providing friendly support and affordable pricing structures.

They claim that they’ve spent many hours building their server hosting configuration so that it’s incredibly easy to customise and make it your own. You’ll also be having a consistently improving control panel and like they claim, the monthly pricing is both easy to do and reliable, so you won’t be left wondering what you’re paying each month for your server.

Oxide Auto-Installer

Oxide is a modification framework for Rust that allows you to fully customise the game and play it slightly different to how it was originally made. The GTX Gaming server hosting allows you to automatically get Oxide installed since it’s fully supported. We see this is as a massive positive since with some hosting you’re not able to get modifications installed without going to the trouble of figuring out how.

Easy Config

Like we mentioned earlier, there is an extremely easy to use configuration and control panel. They’ve got a full video on their website that explains how customisable the control panel truly is. You can easily schedule everything from server backups to Oxide updates, and you can even get automatic plug in updates to ensure that you’re never needed to actually manually download and install any future important updates by yourself. Sounds much easier to just let it install itself, right?

Auto steam updater

The automatic steam updater means that your server is forever up to date with the latest version of Rust found in the Steam store. The server hosting will deal with processing the update and you’ll just have to allow it to automatically update in the background. Everything feels much better when it takes away manual work and becomes automated, and that’s why we really enjoy some of GTX Gaming features, since they automate all of the tasks that are boring, time-consuming and sometimes easily missed.

Instant Setup

Speaking of automation making everything easier, all server locations have been made available for instant set up by GTX Gaming. The average automatic server set up time is only 118 seconds, meaning you will be up and going within 2 minutes of purchasing your server.


And when it comes to purchasing your server, you want to know how much you’re expecting to pay. It’s all well and good having all of these great features but if you can’t offer cheap, competitive pricing then it seems rather futile.

First of all, they advertise a choice of longer-term discounts in order to entice people into having their server configured for up to three years. Discounts start at 5% for quarterly (3 months) and progressively get more impressive until a whopping 25% discount when purchasing items triennially (or every 36 months).

You get to select where you’ll want your server to be located, from London to Moscow. Some don’t cost anything, like London, and some will cost you a premium, like Moscow.

You’ll then just need to go through and choose how many slots you want in your lobby, how fast you want it and whether or not you want to pay for additional features like VIP support as opposed to the regular support.

If you just get billed monthly and don’t get any of the extras, then you’ll be looking at a monthly fee of £8.50. Of course, this can all change depending on the term and modifications. But overall, the pricing seems mostly fair for a 50 slot server.


We’ve discussed two of the main server hosting choices for 2017. Firstly, we noted our number 1 choice for 2017, Secondly, we look at GTX Gaming. At the end of the day, what you need to look for is a pricing structure that meets your demands and that’s why we recommend these two as the ones you should consider.

???? What is Rust?

Rust is still an Early Access game, meaning that it’s available to play but still isn’t the final project. It’s very likely that Rust will develop to become a powerhouse in PC gaming in the very near future, just like Minecraft did once its own Early Access phase came to an end.
Rust is a survival game inspired by highly popular survival games like DayZ and Minecraft itself. It’s been created by Facepunch Studios and is currently only available on Steam. Facepunch Studios are an independent video game development company from England and is best known for Garry’s Mod, a popular steam game with over seven million sales.
It is a massive multiplayer game where you can are playing with others to try and survive in a harsh and realistic world, but where humans are still living in the cavemen era. The environment is really harsh, and you’re finding your best way around it in order to survive. There are rough animals around like bears and wolves that are looking for their food just as much as you are looking for yours. You’ll die if you don’t eat, you’ll die if you’re too cold, you’ll die if you jump off of a building.
Rust describe themselves are providing the tools for players to survive, but it’s solely up to the players to figure out how to survive.
Lastly, it must be noted that Rust is still in active development and this isn’t a finished copy of the game!

???? What Is A Rust Server?

A game server, or otherwise known as a host, acts as the authoritative figure when people are playing a game. A server will be able to transmit enough data about the sources of events that could happen so that the people connected to the server can play the game in real time with others. A game server will receive, process and transmit each player’s input to give outputs that are visible to everyone on the server to get the game up-to-date.
So, when you decide to start playing Rust, you need to join a server. A server will let you to pick and choose how many people you play with dependent on your mood at the time, your skill level, your play style, and almost everything else you can think of.
Finding a Rust Server host will let you play the game with your friends and others you meet online and create a community of people that play in your world whilst you’re in control. You will no longer be forced to just join the conventional game modes and can host something yourself for others to get involved in.
A Rust Server Host itself will allow you to play the game in real time with multiple other people online, and for that, we fully recommend as the website for 2017 Rust Server Hosts.