Why Does Minecraft Keep Crashing & How to Prevent It?

Minecraft crashing is a common issue that can easily be fixed. It can be down to many various issues. Have a read through some of the fixes below.

Reasons for Minecraft Crashing

Game Patches need updating

Minecraft contains some bugs which may be causing your game to crash. Yet Mojang are constantly updating the game with new patches to fix these.

Install any updates/patches regularly to make sure your game is up to date with the latest software.

Make sure you also have the latest game version as this can also cause crashing to occur. Many mods can interfere with each update. Try removing mods if you have any.

If this does not fix your issue, do not worry as there are many more solutions out there that could sort it out below.

Graphics Card Driver update

An outdated Graphics Card driver can be the main cause of Minecraft crashing. Updating this could be a simple fix.

You can update your Graphics Card driver in two ways. You can do it automatically or manually.

Automatically updating your Graphics Card driver is the easiest way to do so. Using a programme that searches for updates is the most simple way of doing so. This will run a search for the latest driver updates and apply them for you. It is as easy as clicking Scan Now and then an Update button.

Manually updating is done by finding your Graphics Card type and model number on the manufacturers website. Selecting the most recent software update available and installing it to your device is one way to sort any issues.

Restart Minecraft and your PC to see if the issue has been solved.

No Java installed/needs updated

In order for Minecraft to run successfully you need Java installed on your device. So make sure Java is installed and once done so, try to launch Minecraft.

Another reason for crashing could be that your Java needs updated. Outdated versions of Java are known for causing issues.

When a new update is out for Java you should be notified automatically on your device, however if you have not then here is how to check if there is an update:

  1. Open your search bar, write configure java and then open Configure Java
  2. Click on the tab called Updates
  3. Search for updates

Not enough RAM allocated to Minecraft

The most common issue when it comes to Minecraft crashing is that there is not enough dedicated RAM allocated to your game. Having enough RAM for your game to launch is essential, especially when running mods as they use a lot of memory.

Luckily, changing the amount of RAM allocated for Minecraft is simple. Knowing how much to allocate is a must. When using mods, it is recommended that a minimum of 4GBs of RAM is given.

But, newer mods packs may require closer to 6GBs RAM.

Here is how to allocate more RAM to your game using the default launcher:

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Click on the Installations button at the top of the launcher
  3. Make sure you select the correct Version/Profile that you use and click the three dotted button at the right
  4. From the drop down menu click on Edit
  5. Where it says “JVM arguments”, change -Xmx1G to -Xmx#G but change the # to the number of RAM you want to use for Minecraft.
  6. Save and then Relaunch

Here is how to allocate more RAM using the Twitch Launcher:

  1. Go to your settings by pressing the small white arrow in the top right of the launcher and selecting Settings
  2. Click on the Minecraft tab
  3. Navigate to the Allocated Memory bar under Java Settings and drag the slider to the correct amount of RAM needed

Restart Minecraft and see if issue is fixed.

Change in-game settings

Another reason for constant crashing can be to do with your in-game settings. Many PCs are unable to run Minecraft at high graphic settings and due to the strain it puts on your PC, makes it crash. Setting these graphics lower will reduce the load on your PC and enable more smooth playing.

One common graphics setting that is known to cause problems is VBOs ( Vertex Buffer Objects). This feature uploads data to your video device so that you do not have to do constant rendering of the world. To disable this:

  1. Open your setting while in Minecraft
  2. Click on Video Settings
  3. Check that USE VBOs is turned OFF.
  4. Save and exit
  5. Close game and relaunch to check if issue is fixed

Delete Temporary data

Each application or game that you use on your device, has temporary data that is stored. This includes your default config and personal user information. The reason this is called temporary is due to the fact that the system can change it every time you change your settings in the application or game.

This data can easily become damaged and unusable. Deleting this can fix the issue with crashing. In order to do so you must be logged in as an administrator.

To delete the temporary data:

  1. Hold the Windows Key + R, in the box write “%appdata%” and hit enter
  2. In the folder that opens, look for the folder named Minecraft
  3. Delete the folder by right clicking it and selecting delete

Once deleted, restart your device and check to see if the issue is gone.

Reinstall Minecraft

The last resort when it comes to any issue involved with Minecraft is to uninstall it and reinstall. This removes all data stored on your device that is connected to the game, this includes saved worlds and inventories. Make sure any data is saved on your profile or back it up in a separate folder if you want to keep it.

To successfully uninstall Minecraft:

  1. Hold Windows key + R
  2. Search for “%appdata%”
  3. Find the folder named .minecraft
  4. If you want to keep your data, drag your saves folder to somewhere safe
  5. Drag the .minecraft folder to your recycling bin and delete the contents

To reinstall Minecraft:

  1. Go to https://minecraft.net/download
  2. Click on Minecraft.msi under Minecraft for Windows
  3. In the opened window, click save file
  4. Click on Run to run the installer
  5. Once files are downloaded, open the Minecraft Launcher
  6. Use your Mojang details to Login to the launcher

Hopefully a fresh install will make your game run as it should and with no crashing!