WP Engine Hosting Review 2017

Is WP Engine The Right Host For You?

WP Engine Review

"Website Hosting Perfected" That simple and very memorable tag line pretty much sums up the WPEngine experience.​ They solely focus in on one CMS platform: WordPress - The world's most popular CMS, and boy oh boy are they damn good at it.

WPEngine have truly become the masters of WordPress hosting.. They have everything from speed and security all the way through to having THE best customer service team I have ever had the absolute pleasure of dealing with - And trust me, I never normally call it a "pleasure" to deal with any host's customer service team.

Speed 10/10
Customer Support 10/10
Reliability 10/10

Overall Rating


Detailed review of WP Engine Hosting

WPEngine as a company impresses me, I know I'm late to the party but following them for the last 9 months has provided a real insight into how to train your employees, something I would not normally associate with a website hosting provider. Let's be honest.. How often have you been blown away and utterly impressed by your hosting provider? Could you count that on one hand, I sure can and this prompted this WPEngine review.

Focusing on WordPress only or taking on the world, that is like a comparison of a sniper rifle to a M16 Machine gun. Precision aim and spraying bullets at an insane rate, but not targeted at all. WPEngine has taken aim on a single target and delivered the goods, and some.

I've used many hosting providers in my time and they fall into two distinct categories: One being they get the job done and I carry on with business. The second category is the under delivery of service, and sadly I have had more poor experiences with hosting providers than good.​ That was my belief until I was put onto WPEngine, I wouldn't say that I have associated the word over delivery with a website hosting provider before, until now!


The best WP hosting bar none

Incredible performance

Scalable hosting packages


No email capacity

Disallowed plugins

Per Visitor Pricing Model

If you're looking to host a WP website and you're the type of character that wants the best of the best then you are definitely in the right place with WP Engine. They are the stand out hosting service that can be scaled to meet the needs of your website. They aren't the cheapest but with hosting you get what you pay for.