StableHost Hosting Review 2017

Is StableHost The Right Host For You?

I can't really find a proper fault with StableHost.They're a warm company that are more a jack of all trades than master of one - There is speed is good, hosting is good, support is good and pricing is good.

None of it's features are truly at the top of it's game, but combined, they're a very solid choice of a host.That, topped off with there uptime and security record, is why they're on our top 10 most recommended host list and why we've award them a 4 star rating - Which is higher than you may realize.We've also managed to secure an exclusive discount for all BitPak readers, to sweeten the deal even more!​

Speed 9.5/10
Customer Support 8.5/10
Reliability 9/10

Overall Rating


Detailed review of StableHost Hosting

StableHost were one of the first providers on the market to completely upgrade there servers to SSD.

This was what caused them to have a leap of re-resurgence in 2016​ with great priced, SSD shared and dedicated options to choose from.

They've also got 3 international options to choose where your server is hosted, and an awesome support team to help you with any problems you may run into - Available via phone, live chat and ticket system.​ They claim to be hosting just over 30,000 domains and rents some server space form SingleHop

​Oh yeah, we hooked up a massive 40% Off discount for you our readers, take advantage.

Benefits of stablehost

Here is a little background on StableHost before we proc​eed with this review. 2009 was the live date for StableHost, they had a simple vision of providing affordable quality hosting services. Not a lot has changed in that regard, they still provide affordable pricing plans and quality hosting services.

What does affordable hosting look like?

If you think the answer is $1.00 a month the answer is a long nooooooo. StableHost has a minimum plan that starts at $3.95 per month. That my friends is affordable and allows the company to operate. Please be very cautious of any hosting offer for $1.00 monthly, that company wont be around in next year.​ Affordable website hosting should at the minimum have a control panel access and basic setup features.

I decided to request some help migrating some of my sandbox websites onto the new hosting subscription. StableHost support was very helpful and made the migration very easy. I tried this with HostGator when I purchased some hobby websites and I was let down big time. The best part and why I thought it important to mention was, not only did the domains get moved but my connected email accounts​ and settings. Very helpful with the entire process.

StableHost does provide blazing fast page load times. ​There are some drawbacks and that is for the larger websites that require more resources. The limitations can be more of an annoyance than a deal breaker depending on your desired goals. Your concurrent MySQL connections will max out at 10, great for small websites but below par for larger websites. This will limit the amount of live traffic you can have on your website at one time, this is low and if they changed this it would be a bonus for customers.

Before becoming a paying customer I decided to take a second opinion and check out what people say about StableHost as a service provider. I must of looked over 20 reviews about the company and 19 were positive statements. The reviews came from fashion bloggers to medium sized business owners all stating how happy they were with the service provided. ​I didn't need to look to far into it and was satisfied that the service was solid.

While these benefits are definitely big ones to consider if you're on a budget, or if you're looking for a company that cares (their datacenters are green friendly), as hosting nerds we here at Bitpak are also concerned with the technical specifications of a host, and therefore the performance they can offer.


One of fastest pages loads available right now

Personalized experience

Good reliability


Jack of all trades, master of none?

Not great for Asian clients (no Asian datacenter)

Not the most well known company

They are truly remarkable really. Performance is great, customer support equally so. They have  one on the future and have a plan to make their footprint on the planet smaller. They don't have a datacenter in Asia so that's something to be improved but otherwise, they are pretty special.