Media Temple Hosting Review 2017

                        Effortless, flexible  clustered hosting built to be fast. 


Modern hosting company Media Temple are a  are unlike any other hosting provider. Using latest technology to create more secure and flexible solutions that are reliable are just a days work for Media Temple. 

 Founded in 1998, that alone was like a knowledge uppercut that this hosting provider has been around the block that long. the under the radar hosting supplier has been a reliable solution for those wanting a modern approach to hosting. The forward thinking innovation and overall quality speak for themselves. 

Speed 8/10
Customer Support 8/10
Reliability 10/10

Overall Rating


Detailed review of Media Temple Hosting

Who is Media Temple and what they can they do for my website hosting? 

You are probably just like me when I was asked to review a hosting company called Media Temple you have no clue who they are or what they do. These guys were not on my radar and my first reaction was "you want me to review a temple?" and thats ok because they are not your mainstream HostGator or BlueHost. It's safe to say that I was pleasantly surprised with this review project. I decided to review the shared hosting plan and as you will see further down I enjoyed this review enough to upgrade my account to include dedicated and VPS hosting plans as well.

Taking time to feel out the Media Temple hosting service allowed me to see what worked well and what needed some work on their end. The process I applied for this review was taking an small Adsense informational site and using it with shared hosting. The claim from Media Temple is they are fast, secure and reliable and in this review we will put this to the test. 

I will be specifically focusing on their shared hosting plan, considering that their starting plans are not as ‘’Starbucks coffee cheap’’ as other hosting providers.

About Media Temple Hosting

Media Temple has been around since 1998, which is a good thing – it means that the company has stayed in business for a long time and probably has a lot of satisfied customers; otherwise, they wouldn’t survive all this long.

Media Temple focuses for the most part on serving the needs of web developers, designers, and digital entrepreneurs. Their web hosting and cloud services are used by more than 1.5 million websites.

Refunds? of course if the product is faulty you are eligible for a refund, there is almost no logical reason to seek a refund when you buy website hosting.  After checking once, twice and three times myself because I like you, don't want to be stuck with a sucky hosting company for 12 months without a refund if they can not do their job. The print is small and out of the way but yes there is money back guarantee for customers if the product is faulty and the service does not live up to the sales page.  Do I think Ill need to use this? no not at all, Im confident that I've spent my money wisely with these two hosting purchases. 

MT President, Rod Stoddard has a valid point about customer service, if they just do what you pay them to do you don't have to have hour long conversations about problems with your website service.


Without question Media Temple is committed to innovation and developing a community that grows together. I really like what they have done with building their community, if you don't ever engage with your website hosting company outside of paying for the account you should take a slight interest in knowing how you can get more from your host. There is a tonne of value that can help you.

When your host is actively looking to grow and improve their service offering you are hosting with a winner. Going from strength to strength takes time and reflection and from 1998 Media Temple has been refining their service delivery and quality of resources. improving their already innovative service. Utilizing a advanced security protocol's and powerful servers the next phase for growth is closing in for this hosting provider. robust hosting environment suitable for all requirements means that the equipment must be administering first class quality. Using enterprise class hardware, Media Temple unleashes their fully SSD driven storage redundant RAID 10 arrays and Intel Xeon E5 Dual Hex Core processors. There are some big competitors in the hosting space and what Media Temple does to stand out is deliver quality services over a quality product while remaining real about how they operate as a business.   

Media temple has flown under my radar for so long and Im a little disappointed Ive missed out for so long. Literally they have been around for more than a decade. Now word of warning for the rave review that goes down here there are some negatives. Every hosting company has its drawbacks, the main drawback is the pricing for shared hosting.

The price range is in the upper end for a shared host provider but while the price is quite high Im satisfied that the cost verse return is warranted with the increased security, reliability and stack of features for the basic plan and even more features for the two bigger plans. There is enough features for all styles of users and enough organisation for you to not be overwhelmed by buttons and options. Unless you have been referred by a friend or drilled down into researching hosting providers, you might of never heard of Media Temple I know I was in the same boat. 


They are open source friendly

Amazing uptime performance. they say 99.99% uptime

Good tech for a host that offers so many services.

Great datacenter coverage of the U.S.


Pricing is more expensive than other shared hosting.

Security features are somewhat basic.

Transferring your site over will cost you $150 

Customer support is responsive but not super technical. 

If you're looking for a solid host that offers different packages for businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes then you'll definitely find something that works for you, whereas with some of the high-performance oriented hosts you'll likely not if you're a smaller business that's still scaling. The hosting is also fully secure but those not operating on HTTPS can purchase a SSL certificate for $75 annual price.