MDD Hosting Review 2017

Is MDD Hosting The Right Host For You?

The technical knowledge of MDDHosting's support is where I believe there true strength lies - The speed of responses, even to extremely difficult questions (and that's coming from a sysadmin) is incredible.Mix the crazy good support with the quality servers, value for money packages and good uptime/security.. And you've got one hell of a host, well worth your consideration.

Speed 7.0/10
Customer Support 10/10
Reliability 7/10

Overall Rating


Detailed review of MDD Hosting

MDDHosting is a medium sized business privately owned, that prides itself on offering a no BS approach. They can be quoted as saying "We do not see our clients as a dollar sign or as a number" they are nice words, but what makes them a breath of fresh air is that they have backed it up by their actions. Formed in 2007 with a clear vision of who they wanted to be and how they wanted to do it, they have kept operations low key and have no plans to sell out. I like the fact that they don't bite off more than they can chew and they stick to what they do and do well.

"Unlike most web hosts we don't hide who we are!" ​

They talk the talk and from my experience they can walk the walk, the service is truly pain free. Who is their target market? everyone wanting to create and operate a website. Especially those new to website creation and need plenty of support. "No holding back, if you want to create your own online real estate we want to help you do that" I can say from personal experience that the sign up process and the installation processes are very easy and I never felt overwhelmed (pretending I was a newbie). It's as straight forward as it possibly can be.

A couple of years ago MDDHosting was at the maximum limit of growth, they were limited by resources and hardware. ​ No more rrom at the inn. In businesses like this, if you stay still you die. To future proof against such limitations MDDHosting sought out NimbleStorage and jointly partnered to create the Highly Available Network Storage solution. Using this system MDDHosting now has the ability to increase server resources on a single or large scale allocation, continuous scaleability is possible with ease.

Not being limited by hardware has certainly helped MDDHosting increase their profile, and the partnership with NimbleStorage is proving very rewarding for both parties and everyone is a winner


Fast response times

Free website transfers

Good load speeds

Easy to install CMS


Uptime could be better

Pricing structure fluctuates

Shared hosting price is on the high end

There's a lot that good with MDD Hosting but the biggest downside is the downtime. They score pretty poorly and compared to most other hosts the difference is noticeable. However, we have high expectations and it really depends on your website if it's a major concern for you or not. If your website sells a product or service than more so.