KinstaHosting Review 2017

Is KinstaThe Right Host For You?

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Kinsta have set themselves the task of being the best WP managed hosting provider in the market today. A pretty lofty goal. They make claims such as having 5 million HTTP requests, 75 terabytes of data transfer and a 3 minute request time for customer support. But we’ve known other hosting providers to, let’s say “embellish the truth” at times, so we’re going to put Kinsta throughout own vigorous tests.

We’ll test them ourselves, and trawl through all the customer reviews and see if we can find any recurring themes that you need to know about from other customer experience, In a nutshell, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know and whether you should part with your hard earned cash.

Speed 9.5/10
Customer Support 9.5/10
Reliability 9.5/10

Overall Rating


Detailed review of Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta are an international hosting provider, with offices in Los Angeles in the US, and London as their European base.

In most other reviews, we’d talk a lot about data centers and how reliability and performance are based on them. One of the major benefits of Kinsta is that they use Google Cloud Platform’s multi-regional deployment mode. As you can imagine, with a Google data center, they have to be using the best technology, they have been leaders not followers, and as Kinsta clients, you get to take advantage of that.

But it’s the multi-regional deployment mode that means for each account you can choose a data center that specifically suits each individual website’s audience. Whereas other companies might have 2 data centers, sometimes even up to 4. With Kinsta you have all the data centers use on the Google cloud at your disposal, this means there is no latency with data transfer and your page load speed is going to be lightning quick.

Additionally, for the very same reason, you can expect superb reliability. You’re in Google’s very capable hands.


Up time of a minimum of 99.5% guaranteed

Customer Service is Exceptional​

Easy Signup, especially for novices

Easy to Install CMS and Third Party Integrations