Fat Cow Hosting Review 2018

Is Fat Cow The Right Host For You?

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FatCow are known as offering one of the cheapest possible web hosting plans that you can find online. But, do they sacrifice quality and services for the benefit of the cost? 

This review will look deeper into what the package is they offer, what the features are in particular and why they are or are not useful, the prices you’re looking at and some additional topics that you need to know before deciding whether to pick FatCow for web hosting in 2018.FatCow are a well-known name within the web hosting world but it’s sometimes unclear on whether that means it’s right for you, so it’s important to learn more about the brand and what it is exactly that they’re offering.

Speed 7.5/10
Customer Support 9/10
Reliability 10/10

Overall Rating


Detailed review of Fat Cow Hosting

FatCow have a rather unique name, it’s not something that you’d particularly rush to back with your money and website. But, ignore the name, because they’re actually a hosting company that have been in operation since they founded in 1998. Since then, they’ve created a dedicated team that are always trying to create the best package for web hosting on a strict and tight budget.

They’ve always been proud of the fact that they’ve been able to revolve their entire company around one web hosting package that offers the best value in web hosting. More recently, they’ve introduced the Minimoo plan that is aimed at those that do not feel that they’ll benefit enough from the regular plan to make it worth the purchase, instead the Minimoo is just for those that essentially want to park their domain and get a single page online. FatCow as a company operate with the target audience of small business owners, both as individuals or groups.

As we just mentioned, they have the one main plan that has stayed the same price and will stay the same price year on year. The FatCow Web hosting plan is simple enough to have everything that allows someone to get up and going on the internet instantly without having to get complex.

When looking to build a website, you need to realise that you need hosting in order to make your website visible for others to see. FatCow is one of many services that allow people to get off the ground and running with a website without needing prior knowledge in web development.

For websites to be public and accessible, they need to be stored and run off of a server that is directly connected to the internet, which is where FatCow (and similar companies) come in. The web host just owns and maintains servers that allow for other people to keep their websites and have their websites online thanks to their servers.


Up time of a minimum of 99.5% guaranteed

Customer Service is Exceptional​

Easy Signup, especially for novices

Easy to Install CMS and Third Party Integrations


Some hosting offer quicker page load speed

cPanel takes a little getting used to

Access After Payment is Not Instant