Minecraft Game Modes – How to pick the best one

When it comes to playing Minecraft, there are a handful of different Game Modes to try out. Each delivering a new experience and play style. With so many to choose from there is bound to be something for everyone. The Game Modes available in Minecraft are Survival, Creative, Adventure, Hardcore and Spectator. Each can be picked from your start menu when creating a New World. Have a look and see which suits you best.


Survival Mode is the standard game mode in Minecraft. It is the mode that most players experience Minecraft for the first time in. The main objective in Survival is just to survive.
You start in the Overworld with nothing, breaking trees with your fists until you have enough material to craft some basic tools such as a hatchet and pickaxe. Then comes the main aspect of survival, Mining. Many high-tier resources are found underground, in caves and dungeons. Wherever there is no light in survival, monsters will lurk, making for a challenging journey to the end-game items.

In survival you are given a health bar which consists of 10 hearts. Basic needs such as hunger will cause your health to fall if it gets too low, meaning a steady source of food production is also a must, this is shown above the hotbar UI and consists of 10 turkey leg icons. When the colour from the icons disappears, your health will slowly decline, so make sure to keep it topped up.
At night, mobs are more consistent and the player should work towards building a shelter to protect them. However, night can be skipped by crafting a bed and sleeping, but as mobs drop many useful items, it is best to defeat them and loot.

Survival Mode also includes 2 seperate world types, these are called “The Nether” and “The End”. Each of which are mid to end game places of interest. You can get to The Nether by crafting a portal from obsidian and using a flint and steel on it. The Nether has many hostile mobs, meaning a decent set of armour and weapons is a must before visiting. The End is a world which is home to a mob boss named the “Ender Dragon”. For many, defeating the Ender Dragon is an end game goal as it is difficult and rewards you with a nice Ender Dragon head as a trophy.
Survival mode comes with 3 difficulties, each of which can be chosen through the settings menu, these are Easy, Normal and Hard. Each mode consists of mobs to defeat, with the health and damage given from each, increasing with the difficulty picked.

If you are looking for a challenge then Survival Mode is definitely one to pick. While it lacks the freedom of creative mode, not being able to fly and unlimited resources, it sure makes the game a completely different style and will keep you entertained for hours on end.


Creative Mode is a favourite for many that are wanting to use the game to build creations freely with no need to gather resources. In Creative Mode, you are given unlimited access to all block types. You have no need to worry about health and hunger either as these both stay full. Flying is also an aspect of Creative Mode that you do not get in other Game Modes, this makes it easier to build and find the perfect area to start your build.

Whilst in Creative Mode, you can still craft tools and blocks from Survival, there is no need as by opening your inventory you will see a list of each which can simply be dragged to your hotbar, ready for use! This includes many spawn eggs of creatures, allowing you to spawn animals such as chickens and sheep. These eggs are not available in other Game Modes.
Many blocks that are harmful in other Game Modes will still be present, such as lava. Jumping into lava on creative will still show the effect and noise of burning but no damage will be taken. You can not die naturally in Creative Mode, to do so you must type /kill [playername] into the console.

A highly admirable aspect of Creative Mode is Flying. Flying is enabled by double-tapping your space bar. Whilst flying you are able to reach places not usually reachable, making it easier to build complex structures.

If building contraptions from redstone or things such as mansions is your type of thing, then Creative Mode is certainly the one you should play on. Blocks break instantly rather than waiting for them to crack like you do in other Game Modes, making it a very good option for people wanting to build quick and easy.


Adventure Mode is a mode mainly used by creators that want to showcase their work. While in Adventure Mode, you cannot break blocks without the correct tools. Making it a prime Game Mode for servers that want to allow people to see their work and experience it without it being damaged.

Adventure Mode is for online playing only, it cannot be chosen as a Game Mode for single player, however, can be used to play with friends through a local multiplayer server.

This Game Mode makes playing Minecraft a whole new experience. Creators have the freedom to build challenges and worlds that cannot be torn down by other players while allowing them to show off any work they have done.

If exploring other players fun and exciting builds is what you enjoy doing then check this mode out. Also a must for people wanting to build with nobody destroying their hard work!


Now, if you are up for a challenge then do not miss out on Hardcore Mode. As the name suggests, Hardcore Mode is extremely difficult. You start off in the Overworld the same as most Game Modes.

When you die in Hardcore Mode, you lose all experience gained. Any loot you are carrying and any armour worn will be dropped. Unlike in Survival Mode where loot can be taken back if you are able to find the point where you died fast enough, it is not possible.

Dying in Hardcore Mode is the last thing you want to do, as when you do, the whole world will be reset. Anything you have built will be gone forever. Loot and experience gained is vanished. You will be placed in a whole new world and at a new starting location.

All mobs that you face in other Game Modes also spawn in Hardcore. Meaning survival is extremely difficult. Gaining some decent armour and weapons is something that should be done quickly but carefully.

Hardcore Mode is the most challenging Game Mode out there. If you really like to push yourself when it comes to gaming and try to survive as long as possible then try Hardcore Mode out. However if you like the aspects of surviving but do not want to lose your items and builds permanently then try out Survival Mode.


Spectator Mode allows players to view a world without being able to touch or interact with it at all. While in Spectator Mode you are able to fly about a world, whilst being invisible. It can be enabled by typing /gamemode spectator, /gamemode 3, /gamemode sp or when you die in Hardcore Mode.

You can fly through blocks, doors and even people. It is not possible to land on blocks as a spectator, meaning you are constantly flying. The only other people that can see you are the other spectators, you are not even seen by mobs. Spectator Mode can also be used to view players in the game and to see from their Point of View.

You are also able to view mobs/entities from their Point of View. This is done by left-clicking the entity you would like to see.

Spectator Mode is very useful for Admins/Mods of servers to make sure nobody is griefing or hacking anything in. It is also useful if you would like to have a nosy around other bases and get some ideas for your own.