Contabo Review

Contabo Hosting have been a mainstay of the hosting industry for over 10 years and during that time they’ve built a solid reputation. Their success is well documented having won multiple awards continuously over the last 4-5 years. They’re good at what they do and they have been for several years. Originating from Germany, they bring a lot German ingenuity and attention to detail which just adds to the quality of their service.

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Detailed Review of Contabo Hosting

Contabo gets a lot of Kudos in the hosting world for those in the know. They’ve been providing hosting since 2003 so they have the kind of experience you should want from your hosting provider and that covers hosting for business website and blogs, eCommerce stores and affiliate websites. They even offer very competitive hosting packages for game servers like Minecraft. Many games are hosted online, but if you want a reliable experience it’s a great idea to have your own hosting.

​They offer a nice collection of hosting packages that are a good fit for most clients depending on the type of hosting they need. Everything from Shared hosting services to dedicated hosting, perfect for large eCommerce websites or websites that get a lot of traffic month in month out.

Contabo started life by offering dedicated servers and it’s something they still offer as a specialization today. With the additional data centersthey are also in a position to be able to offer colocation. You’ll find their dedicated servers come with plenty of customization available. You can choose between Linux and Windows operating systems and you get root access as standard.

​With their VPS range of hosting solutions they offer a hybrid of HDD and SSD storage. Even with their most basic and affordable packages. For those customers who know what they’re looking for, you are able to customize processor cores, RAM and the amount of storage you need. Likewise, you get to choose between Linux and Windows and root access with all plans.

With their shared hosting options you get all the normal bells and whistles you should expect, all at a very reasonable price point. You have one click installs and unlimited traffic on the various plans, including the starter plans. There are some limitations as to disk space, My SQL and some limitations on email accounts but even with those limitations they are still pretty generous.

Many of the hosting packages are instantly deployed upon subscription and offer plenty of flexibility with an abundance of configurable features. In the rest of review will break down their service into key components including performance, reliability and client support.

If you’re looking for a solid host that offers different packages for businesses and entrepreneurs of all sizes then you’ll definitely find something that works for you, whereas with some of the high-performance oriented hosts you’ll likely not if you’re a smaller business that’s still scaling.

Contabo Features


The quality of their speed is dependent on where you live in the world. They have 2 data centers in Germany , One in Munch and the other just up the road in Nuremberg, which means that for Europe based clients you’re going to receive really quick service, especially in Germany. But if your audience is US or Asian based your not going to get the same level of page load speed because of lag.

At the same time, their data centers and servers are all top of the range. Which really helps with speed. You get that German attention to performance which is only going to benefit you and your audience.

Page load speed is a really important component to your hosting service. It can make or break your website. Studies have shown that if a page loads slower than 3 seconds it’s likely 40% of visitors will click away and go find their information or product on other sites. Can you afford to lose 40% of your visitors before they’ve even seen how valuable your website is.


Having an unreliable host can be a killer to some businesses. These days it is normally not much of an issue, you’ll find varying standards between 95-99%. So pretty good all round

Contabo are one of the most reliable hosting providers available today. They have paid attention to every detail, for example, their data centers have 100% redundancy meaning any element of hardware, software or infrastructure can breakdown and it has a backup in place to immediately take over. Or alternatively, the whole system could crash and you’re hosting wouldn’t miss a heartbeat.

Following the same principles, they have given the same attention to their security, both with their hardware setup, with data centers having over 50 security cameras in place, and with their software security.

Customer Support

Their Client support is really still targeted for B2B clients. It comes from their initial focus on dedicated servers. Now they offer shared and VPS hosting and have a more international clientele their client support could be refocused to their client list.

For example, they offer telephone support from 8 am until 11 pm, in its local time zone (UTC+1). Another client support channel they utilize is email. With both of these channels they don’t guarantee follow up times. They also take advantage of a pretty decent FAQ and Tutorial section. However, they don’t have a ticketing system or a live chat, which is a drawback when compared to a lot of other hosting providers.

With that being said, the actual support you receive is excellent. Their team are really competent and they work really hard to get your problems resolved. So it’s a little frustrating if you’re hoping for quicker turnaround you won’t be overly happy with the support, however if it’s important to get expert support then you are going to be happy with their support. It’s a matter of expectations and preference, it’s a pity you don’t get both.


“A good hosting option for people that plan to scale and want to stay with one host!”

Best suited for developers or website administrators with a decent amount of technical experience, Contabo gives customers ample room to customize and scale their hosting environments. The lack of 24/7 support or a money-back guarantee keeps us from recommending Contabo to first-time or inexperienced site owners, but we always appreciate affordable name-brand hardware in datacenters owned and operated by the hosting provider.