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the best hosting companies for wordpress sites

The Best Hosting Companies For WordPress Reviewed

The Best Hosting Companies For WordPress ReviewedLike many websites, our own site Bitpak is built on the WordPress platform.WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) released in 2003. Within 5 years it had changed the landscape of the web forever, and fast forward to 2017, it’s now one of the most common CMS’ used by […]

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Best WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketing

If you’re looking for the best WordPress themes for affiliates in 2017 then we’ve got a treat for you. With so many thousands of themes, it can be difficult to find themes that suit your needs, are secure (actively developed) and perform well speed wise and so on.If you’re an affiliate marketer, you want a […]

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2 WordPress Speed Optimization

WordPress Speed Optimization – The Complete Guide We live in the age of now! everything is at your fingertips thanks to technology. Browsing a website is no different and when you think of why you browse a website its usually to find information, feed a secret habit, buy something, stalk someone and so on and […]

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4 WordPress SEO

DIY WordPress SEO [The Ultimate Guide] I began my journey on WordPress in 2007 I bought a domain name and hosting and fumbled around setting up my very first website myself. I wasn’t aware of the right way to do it and much like you reading this had searched for “set up wordpress” and walked […]

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