Best Reseller Hosting

Another term for reseller hosting is “white label” hosting. It is about creating a web hosting business using tools and services. You take these tools and services from larger companies and resell them. The focus is on making sales and getting basic support. 

That means leaving the server maintenance, bandwidth, and software to the bigger companies. 

Therefore, resellers are those who resell, rent servers at wholesale prices, and offer hosting packages for the public to buy. That is how they make a profit. 

What is Best Reseller Hosting Used for?

The best reseller hosting is useful to sellers and those who buy it. For the resellers, subletting the bandwidth and disk space lets them make a profit. That is because they can charge a little higher than what their providers charge them. 

Businesses that have existing clients can offer the service as a perk of being in business with them. Resellers must be knowledgeable in choosing the company they will use. It is important to make sure that the company is stable enough to be their supplier.

Users who have several websites end up paying a cheaper price to manage their site if they use a reseller plan. Shared hosting plans that offer resources for website management charge more, but it will not compromise you. Everything will work smoothly and your clients will not have to experience delays.

A less available reseller hosting service allows their clients to use resources from a cloud server. Through this server, they can offer hosting services to businesses and individuals. Here, prices are higher and the reseller has more control in the everyday back-end operations. 

Reseller hosting can be a lucrative business. You must always choose white label solutions as hosting providers. That makes scaling easier when it becomes necessary. 

If you want the best set of features, the software compatibility is important because you get the most out of your money. In addition, the support is comprehensive because they will answer wisely. The web host delivers unbeatable service with great prices. 

How Did We Pick the Best Reseller Hosting?

We did our own research by reading customer reviews about reseller hosting companies. Relying on posts is not enough because most are only affiliate posts. 

We make sure to always talk to the company before signing up. It would be good if they have a live chat, so we can speak with an available representative. If there is no representative available, we send them an email using their contact form.

A conversation with the provider helps you gain a deeper level of understanding. By doing this, you can see their response time when you send an email, and how customer-oriented they are. You can also take this time to ask questions you have about them. 

The company should use SSD storage. It is 2020, and they have no reason not to use SSDs. The Solid-State Drivers (SSDs) are way faster than your typical spinning driver. They have unmatched performance improvement. The provider must use RAID as protection against service interruption for drive failures.

The company must have SSL encryption because it impacts search engine rankings. Adding an SSL for your client’s websites can be expensive. It costs less if the provider includes an SSL encryption certificate in the packages. 

If we are choosing between several hosting services, price is our consideration. We must get the host specifications we want for the right price. But this did not hold us back. Considering the price differences between the web hosting providers we saw. 

Buying the cheapest is not always wise if we want to make money. We checked out companies that offer long-term contracts, and charge less. They do not have a lot to offer. Saving money could mean losing the freedom to have a solid hosting company.

Why Do I Need the Best Reseller Hosting?

You need the best reseller hosting if you want to get into the business. This way, you do not have to start from scratch. Reseller hosting is also important if you want to host the separate control panels. You will make your clients happier by doing this. 

And you can do it without spending money on expensive dedicated hosting. Thus, you must know how web hosting works. You must be ready for problems that will come. Sometimes you are the messenger between clients and the provider you chose. 

If you want to make a profit through your hosting business, you must buy reseller plans. This is a better way to go, and cheaper. You can buy one control plan so you can set up and handle the back-end of websites.

The amount of experience you will gain depends on the reseller hosting provider you use. If you opt for a managed service that provides help, that will cost more. However, you will not suffer from a lot of complaints in the long run. 

If it is your first time to get into web hosting, you will always find what you need. Make sure you know how to get started and what you need.

Remember that the price does not always determine the quality, but do not look for the lowest price either. You are compromising the quality for what you are paying for. This will only hurt you in the long run. 

What Should I Look for When Buying the Best Reseller Hosting?

When you are buying the best reseller hosting, there are factors you must consider. These are:

· Performance – Consider the disk space, bandwidth, physical memory, CPU cores, and virtual memory. Keep in mind that you must distribute borrowed resources to your clients. You must make sure they are getting enough. 

· Scalability – Scalability is the system’s ability to draw more resources to handle the demands of a growing performance.

· Guaranteed uptime – You want a web hosting provider that offers a guaranteed uptime. It must have support from a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This lets you demand compensation if the provider cannot deliver the promised uptime level. 

Also, a good reseller hosting company works hard to deliver the promised uptime. They do this to prevent paying compensations or legal action. 

· 24/7 support – You will probably encounter an issue at some point. That is why the hosting company must have 24/7 support. Your clients need to have a seamless experience otherwise you might lose them. This is not something you claim after purchasing the plan because it requires maintenance. 

· Bandwidth limitations – The bandwidth limitations of different hosting packages are important. You should not end up paying additional for more traffic. It must be ready when there are more visitors in your third-party websites. Most companies have unlimited bandwidth, so be careful when you decide. 

· Security – The hosting provider must have a malware scanner, DDoS protection, data backups, and SSL certificates. 

· White labelling solution – This a solution that allows you to market services under your business name. It will not be necessary to mention your provider. 

· Customers – You must consider the number of customers that your hosting plan lets you have. There are providers that limit how many control panels. That means you have limited distribution to customers. This is crucial because each customer needs a control panel. 

· Customisable plans – You must be able to customise plans because you are a reseller. Check what you can customise. It is also important to know the number of resources you can provide clients. 

Does the Best Reseller Hosting Cost More?

It does cost more, but that also comes with quality and reliability. The best reseller hosting costs more because they are paying more for their provider. They want to offer the best service to clients. So, they opt for a company that gives them more freedom to resell their services. 

Reliability is one thing that cannot be compromised when choosing a reseller host. Take into consideration that your host will oversee server issues. Choose an established company because their services will unlikely disappoint you. 

Yet, you understand that the company you should does not have to be the most expensive. They need to have a lot of satisfied customers. 

You should read reviews about different web hosting services before choosing one. You want to always please clients because that gives you more income, and your good reputation will pay off. Hence, you will have a consistent flow of business and clients.


· You can start by using your own computer from anywhere. If you have a good hosting package, you can earn a good income.

· The web hosting company handles customer issues that are server related. They will get support all the time. You must remember that great customer service is part of choosing a web hosting service.

· Expanding a business is very easy because of reseller hosting. If a customer requires extra web space, there must be a better web hosting. It is also needed if there are more customers.

· No technical knowledge needed to maintain servers. The resources are handled by a data center operator. In case your clients have a problem, it is sent to the reseller server provider. Thus, technical support is not your problem.

· Reseller account gives you more flexibility. You can make your own pricing structure and hosting plans. Some offer facilities that let you customise reseller account servers and control panels. That enables you to have an established branding. You can control disk bandwidth limit, space usages, and more. 


· The web seller needs constant customer attention like other businesses. Many people will need help, but the web seller still needs to face customers. The customers need guidance in restoring server problems. 

· It is the web seller’s responsibility to find customers. It will depend on the marketing strategies and availability of other resellers. 

· The service is only beneficial to upstream providers. That means, if the server often goes down, the web seller loses clients. 

· In case anyone needs to switch to a different web host, moving makes it inconvenient for clients. Having your own VPS server is better if you are starting a web hosting business. That is why you must always get a web host to provide managed services.

· If your plan is to run a small site that does not need a lot of resources and features, buying a reseller plan is too much. Even if it is nice to have extra available space, not using most of the space or selling it is a waste. You are spending extra money that you can divide into other business areas. 

· Difficulty- If you do not have the expertise to run a site, there is a possibility that you will have a hard time. Dealing with more features and control panels will be daunting for you. 


A lot of products and services providers rely on Internet technology to add web hosting as one of their services. Web hosting can be bought because it’s more convenient. Maybe the company has added web hosting in your service package.

If you are planning to know more about the best reseller hosting service, you must make sure you have all the information. Also, be ready to face any problems head on because it can be hard. You must keep in mind that all the effort is worth it if you end up knowledgeable enough to start your business.