Best Ecommerce hosting

Are you planning to take your business online? Do you want to sell goods and services over the internet? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you need e-commerce hosting.

Ecommerce hosting will provide you with the tools and features for online stores. These tools will help you design, organise, and sustain your online store. 

E-commerce hosting differs from other hosting types. It includes extra features like shopping carts specific to online shops. 

Your current and future business objectives are important. They will guide the selection of the best ecommerce hosting service. 

What is Ecommerce hosting used for?

In a nutshell, e-commerce hosting enables you to get the most out of your e-commerce website. 

It avails functionalities specific to online stores. These functionalities support business owners.

The following are some uses of e-commerce hosting.

  • It provides hosting for online shops. Online shops need specific hosting features that only e-commerce hosting provides. The hosting plans range from dedicated cloud, shared, and VPS.
  • E-commerce hosting also provided tools and features that help you set up your shop. Such tools include the shopping cart, payment processing, and security initiatives.
  • Ecommerce hosting can be also used to build the website. If you don’t have a website built already, some host platforms enable you to build your own site.
  • This hosting also provides tools for monitoring and evaluation of the business. It gives the owner back end access to their shop that shows the analysis of the performance of the business. 
  • It also used to provide the user with a content delivery network. This is a network of servers in various locations in the world. These servers ensure that a customer can load the online store from their location. 

The services you will get from your e-commerce provider will vary according to your needs. For example, if you are selling services only, you might not need to worry about shipping.

But, if you deal with goods, you must have proper shipping arrangements on the site for your clients.

E-commerce hosting provides you with most of the tools. Especially those you will need to set up, run and maintain your online shop. 

How did we pick the best ecommerce hosting?

If you search online for the best ecommerce hosting, you will find many. And you realise that every company has done their best to present their services as the best.

So, you will need a proper investigation into this ecommerce hosting providers. This background check will ensure you get the best value for your money.

To pick the best e-commerce site, consider the following factors.

i) Host speed

Here, you check how fast the host server responds to requests from any location in the world. Some things you check that will guide you include:-

  • The host company should have data centres spread across the continents.
  • The company should also have a Content Delivery Network.
  • The company should also make use of the SuperCacher.

ii) Dependability

A good host should also have a team of qualified personnel to offer you support available at all times. Select a company that provides a customer support system that works well for you.

Check out the customer reviews to find out about the uptime guarantee. You should select a company that offers an uptime warranty of at least 99%.

iii) Security and Disaster Recovery

An e-commerce website contains sensitive information. Hackers can steal clients’ bank information online.

So, before you settle for particular web hosts, ensure they have invested in security. You will lose customers if they feel their information is not safe.

Make sure that the company has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption and integration. SSL will ensure the safe transmission of data over a network. 

You also need to consider that technology fails. So, as you shop for a hosting company, look for one that has backup arrangements. Also, check on the frequency of the backups.

iv) Software compatibility

Developers use different technologies to develop e-commerce sites. Make sure that the host company supports the technology used to build your website.

The most important is the frameworks and content management systems. Select a host whose infrastructure is compatible with your preferred frameworks.

v) Search Engine Optimisation features

Your customers have to find your electronic store before they can buy from you. So, SEO is an essential aspect of e-commerce sites.

You can achieve SEO at different levels. A hosting company has a part to play. If you select a company that has SEO features, your optimisation work will reduce on your side. 

vi) Adaptability

When you begin your business, you have a vision for a greater future. As you select your hosting company, keep in mind your expansion plans for the future.

Select a hosting company that has a plan for businesses at different levels.

For instance, most companies use basic, standard, and premium hosting plans.

vii) Cost-Benefit Analysis

The hosting package you select should give you value for your money. They set the cost for every packaging, depending on what it offers.

Viii) Storage capacity

An e-commerce website requires a sizable amount of storage. As you select a hosting company, enquire about the volume of storage available.

Different packages have different storage volumes available..

You select a package whose storage will work well for your e-commerce site.

ix) Email addresses

When you have an email address that matches your domain name, you look professional. Such an email also makes you sound genuine.

Different companies have different offers for emails. Select one that works best for the requirements of your business.

Why do I need e-commerce hosting?

Ecommerce hosting has a lot of benefits for online stores, especially startups. The providers have enhanced their services. They offer subscribers extra features at a lower cost. When you sign up for e-commerce hosting, you will benefit in the following ways:-

  • It lowers your operating costs. You will avoid buying and maintaining servers and hosting. You will also not worry about the amount of power the servers need.
  • You will also enjoy a wide variety of features. For example, companies offer free SSL certificates and PCI compliance. These features will give your client’s confidence while browsing on your site. 
  • Hosting companies regard security as essential. You stand to enjoy these stringent security measures. Your clients enter sensitive information to the database. This information is susceptible to DDoS attacks. Hosting companies provide enhanced security.
  • You can upgrade or expand when using hosting services. The expansion will only need you to switch to a higher package. The cost of switching packages is less than that of developing a new platform.
  • Ecommerce hosting will also give you a chance to keep your brand under one roof. Your clients will get content on your brand and the products in one place. Management of your brand is easy in such an arrangement.

What should I look for when buying ecommerce hosting?

Your customers will not see e-commerce hosting. But it is an essential factor for customer experience. Getting an excellent hosting platform will increase your chances of making a sale.

You should look at the factors discussed below when you are buying e-commerce hosting.

First, the hosting company should have a good reputation. A company with a good reputation in e-commerce hosting guarantees excellent service provision.

  • You should also look for a company that offers an easy site installation. The company’s platform should launch your site in minutes. You should also be able to work on the site even without prior technical experience.
  • When you are buying an e-commerce hosting service, buy from a company that offers extra tools. For example, you should have access to tools that you can use to optimise your site.
  • When you select a company, make sure that they can offer 24/7 user support. Choose a hosting company that can provide you quick solutions to technical problems. For example, in case your site goes down, they should be able to sort out the issue in time.
  • Look for a hosting company that has security features in its infrastructure. You must make sure your clients’ sensitive information is secure.
  • You should also look at the server specifications of the hosting company. For instance, it should have fast shopping cart operations.
  • The decision to work with a particular hosting company should be customer-centred. You should select a company that has data centres closer to your target audience.
  • Your hosting company should also be PCI compliant. PCI is a need of the law. You cannot process credit card information from your customers without PCI.
  • Select a company that offers you unlimited websites, domains, and database installations.
  • You should look for a hosting company that has a robust hardware infrastructure. Hardware capacity will inform you of the reliability of the service.

Does Ecommerce hosting cost more?

There are several hosting plans available for e-commerce. Hosting solutions available for e-commerce include:-

  • Shared hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server

All the above solutions have a different cost. Your business needs will inform the solution you use. 

The more privileges and features you enjoy, the higher you are likely to pay. For example, if you have a dedicated server it will cost you more than when you are sharing. 

Best Ecommerce hosting pros and cons

When you buy an e-commerce hosting service, you will have benefits and challenges. You will learn some advantages and disadvantages in this section. 


  • You can install scripts and e-commerce platforms in an e-commerce hosting. Coming up with your hosting infrastructure might limit you to a particular platform.
  • The hosting company will be responsible for the maintenance of the infrastructure. So, you will concentrate on the core of your business, which is selling online.
  • You will also save on costs because you will not need to buy the expensive infrastructure. The hosting company provided the hardware and software used for hosting.
  • Another advantage is that you will get an enhanced performance. Hosting is the core business for all hosting companies. So they have invested in the best infrastructure. Your business enjoys this optimisation.
  • You also don’t have to worry about setting up data centres in regions that are far away from you. All you need is to look for a hosting company that has an infrastructure in the areas you have clients.


  • It is difficult to get a hosting company that has all the services you need. You may have to pay more to get some extra services.
  • Some of these companies only have attractive prices for first-time purchases. But, when you want to renew the service, it might cost more but a significant margin.
  • Another disadvantage is the fact that most of these subscriptions are annual. In case you buy a service, and you don’t like it, you will use it for the whole year.


The e-commerce hosting industry has its fair share of challenges. For instance, loading times, poor customers support service and recurrent downtimes.

You should do a proper background check on a hosting company before you buy their service. You should use current clients’ feedback to determine the reliability of the company.

From our discussion, you realise that if you do your due diligence, you will make an informed choice. Your business will thrive, and you will smile to the bank.